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Large Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment Successfully Commissioned

Large Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment Successfully Commissioned

For the sweet potato starch processing industry, October, November, and December each year is the peak season for sweet potato starch processing after harvesting sweet potato in the current season. Therefore, the starch machinery market inspection work is carried out in advance, and the convenient and efficient starch processing equipment is carefully selected. The installation and commissioning equipment is delivered in time, and the equipment production period is not delayed. It can also be put into operation as soon as possible after harvesting sweet potato in autumn and winter, and obtain good economic benefits.

The picture shows the last process of the equipment production line: starch finished bagging and packaging

Chongqing Pengshui's Yuanwu Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. was incorporated in June 2017. Its main business scope includes the production and sales of sweet potato, starch and starch products. According to the documents issued by Chongqing Pengshui's 2017 annual financial planning for poverty alleviation fund industry projects, one of the potato industry projects, which is the main body of new agricultural operations, has received government financial subsidies to lead local farmers and planters. Together, they will get rid of poverty and become rich. They are committed to promoting the development of Chongqing Pengshui's characteristic agricultural industry and powder processing business, and generating income.

Soon after the establishment of the company, the person in charge of the company began to select professional starch machinery manufacturers in the country, and earnestly responsible for the purchase of sweet potato starch processing equipment with high cost performance, excellent quality and suitable for the company's business projects and processing requirements. It is expected that in the autumn and winter of 2017, after the large quantities of sweet potatoes are collected, the starch processing equipment can be used in time to produce sweet potato starch and starch products. At this stage, Nanyang Goodway Potato Machinery Co., Ltd., as a professional starch processing machinery manufacturing enterprise in Nanyang City, Henan Province, closely cooperated with the innocent, provided arrangements for reception, visit equipment operation, etc., to discuss the development of starch processing program.

A corner of the production line

In 2017, the person in charge of the innocent enterprise finalized a cooperation project with Goodway-a large sweet potato starch production line. According to the contract, when the sweet potato processing season arrives in 2017, the equipment required for the entire production line must be completed and put into use on time, including delivery, installation and commissioning.
In October 2017, the large sweet potato starch processing equipment required by customers was completed on time, the packaging and shipping were carried out, and the vehicle went to Chongqing Pengshuiyuan Wudi Agricultural Development Co., Ltd. Subsequent equipment installation and commissioning engineers arrived and began on-site installation guidance.
In December 2017, the installation and operation of the large-scale automatic powder production line was successfully put into operation. The picture shows the feedback on the use of equipment from the company:

The picture display of the production workshop

Nanyang Goodway Potato Machinery Co., Ltd., as a well-known starch machinery manufacturer in the country, always puts the actual needs of users first. Nanyang Goodway potato machinery is often able to "adapt to local conditions and vary from person to person" for each user's processing output, production requirements, equipment model requirements and other issues. It provides users with tailor-made potato deep processing solutions to help each user solve problems in the field of starch processing.
Choosing Goodway is to choose quality.

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