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What Kind Of Cassava Is High In Starch?

What Kind Of Cassava Is High In Starch?

The cassava is about to be harvested, and the processing of cassava starch is about to begin. In addition to selecting the appropriate cassava starch processing equipment, the starch content of the raw material is also important for the processing of tapioca starch.

In addition to moisture, the various components of cassava roots contain more starch, followed by sugar, of which starch accounts for 10% to 30%, sugar accounts for 2%, and dextrin accounts for 0%. Fives. The amount of starch in the raw tubers is closely related to the cassava variety, harvesting period and storage time.


First, different varieties of cassava
Different cassava varieties, starch content is not the same, the cassava used in processing starch should use high starch varieties to increase the yield of starch.

Second, the harvest time of cassava of the same variety is different
The harvesting time of the same variety is different, and the starch content is also different. The harvest time is too early, the starch accumulation in the cassava block has not reached the peak, and the content is lower. If the harvest is too late, the accumulated starch in the wood block begins to be converted into sugar and dextrin, thereby reducing the content. Therefore, the cassava used for starch processing should be harvested at the right time, and it is suitable to harvest it 10 days before and after the winter.

Third, the storage time is different
The storage time is different and the starch content is different. The freshly harvested cassava root starch content is high, and the starch content gradually decreases. This is due to the conversion of a portion of the starch to sugar and dextrin during storage. Part of the converted sugar is lost due to respiration and the other part is accumulated in the potato. It has been determined that after 4 to 5 months of storage, the starch content of cassava is reduced by 5% to 6%, while the sugar content is increased by 3% and the dextrin is increased by 0.2%. Starch, sugar, and dextrin are lost by about 2% during storage.

Therefore, the cassava used for the production of starch should be processed as soon as possible after harvesting, and the appropriate cassava starch making equipment should be selected. Even if tapioca starch works continuously with fans, it should concentrate on extracting starch first.
The processing of tapioca starch must be based on the selection of cassava with high starch content as raw material, and processed with suitable cassava starch making equipment to ensure the flour extraction rate and finished product quality of tapioca processing.

processing of tapioca starch

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