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What Equipment Should Be Included in the Whole Producting Line of Sweet Potato Starch?

What Equipment Should Be Included in the Whole Producting Line of Sweet Potato Starch?

Sweet potato starch is widely used in food processing, papermaking, textile and other industries, which also develops sweet potato starch industry. Many people want to invest in the processing of sweet potato starch, and some sweet potato starch manufacturers are also changing their sweet-potato-starch processing equipments.

All the people who know about the processing of sweet potato starch should know that the traditional processing of sweet potato starch is still troublesome. If you want to process fine-grinded sweet potato starch, you have to filter for several times, and it is more time-consuming and laborious to air in the open air.

Most sections of the modern sweet-potato-starch processing equipments are mechanized, and the whole sweet potato starch producting line can also be fully automated. What are the complete equipment of processing sweet potato starch? We can divide it into two situations.

Wet starch producting line: sweet potato washing machine including types of spiral conveying dry cleaner, inclined squirrel cage cleaner, kneading washing machine, quantitative conveying washing machine, curved net extrusion type pulverizer or overflow washing type potato pulverizer, fine filter, desander, hydrocyclone.

Dry starch producting line: in addition to sweet-potato-starch processing equipments of wet starch producting line, vacuum filter dehydrator and air flow dryer are also required.

Production of sweet potato starch is a physical extracting process, the principle is relatively simple, the general process is: raw material cleaning - grinding - pulp residue separation - sand removal - protein separation - dehydration and drying. The processing equipment of sweet potato starch used in each step is different, so the effect is different naturally.

Before choosing sweet-potato-starch processing equipments we need to give a thought. Understand the strength of manufacturers producing sweet-potato-starch processing equipments, equipment technology, automation of sweet potato starch producting line, environmental protection of equipment and materials, service life of equipment, after-sales service of manufacturers, etc.

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