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Cassava Processing Machine

Cassava Processing Machine Cassava Processing Machine

Goodway can provide the complete set of cassava flour processing machine from cassava washing to final product packaging, including cassava washing machine, cassava peeling machine, cassava crusher machine, cassava grinding machine, cassava sieving machine, cassava dewatering machine, cassava pressing machine, cassava flour milling machine, cassava flour drying machine and cassava packaging machine.

  • Cassava Crusher

    During the production process of fresh cassava, the crushing section is very important for the quality of final products, the cassava crusher machine for starch processing can crush the washed cassava... Cassava Crusher
  • Cassava Sieving Machine

    During the production process of cassava starch, the sieving section is used to separate the fine residues(fiber) from the cassava slurry, remove the residues, reserve and convey the cassava slurry to... Cassava Sieving Machine
  • Cassava Washing Machine

    The section of cassava washing machine is designed as the first steps of cassava starch processing, cassava flour processing and garri processing, so it is very important for the fresh cassava process... Cassava Washing Machine
  • Dewatering and Drying System

    The section of dewatering and drying has come to final steps of cassava processing, the vacuum dehydrator can remove as much moisture as possible and the flash dryer can dry the wet starch to low mois... Dewatering and Drying System
Garri processing is the same process with cassava flour processing, only the drying part is different.

We use Garri fryer to dry the Garri.

The production of cassava starch comprises the machines such as cassava washing machine, crushing machine, fine fiber sieve, desander and desilter, starch hydrocyclone, vacuum filter, airflow flash dryer, and packaging machine. We have provided below a brief description of the main steps of the cassava starch production process.

The production of cassava chips comprises the machines such as cassava washing machine, peeling machine, chipping machine, cassava chips drying machine - belt type dryer and packaging machine.

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