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How To Choose The Site Of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant?

How To Choose The Site Of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Plant?

1. Three links (water, road and electricity)

The site of sweet potato starch production should have "three links", namely, water connection, road connection and electricity connection.

Sweet potato processing needs a large amount of water, which requires good water quality, sufficient water and constant water supply. The plant site should be located in a place with convenient transportation to meet the requirements of purchase of sweet potato raw materials and transportation of products, which is conducive to reducing labor intensity. And there should also be power source or other power facilities.

2.  Far away from pollution source, convenient drainage

In addition, there should be no pig farm, chicken farm and other pollution sources around the plant, and the ground for stacking fresh potato powder slag should be prepared. The workshop used for beating pulp and settling shall have a ceiling to avoid dust pollution. The whole processing plant should be paved with cement floor, and the drainage ditch should be completed.

3. Choose the site of the right size

If it is more traditional processing methods and sweet potato starch machine to process sweet potato starch, one soaking tank, one washing tank, one cleaning tank and one sedimentation tank should be prepared (usable cement tank or yellow bucket ),so that the site of the plant should be larger. The size of starch sedimentation tank depends on the processing amount of fresh potatoes. It takes 24 hours from beating to decolorizing and cleaning. The water capacity of sedimentation tank can be designed according to 8 times of the weight of fresh potatoes processed on that day, that is, the sedimentation tank with 80000 kg of water is needed for processing 10000 kg of fresh sweet potatoes.

If the full-automatic sweet potato starch processing equipment is used to produce sweet potato starch, all kinds of tanks above needn’t be used, greatly saving the production ground, and the processing volume is relatively large, so the plant site does not have to be particularly large.

The above are some suggestions of me. I hope they will be useful to you.

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