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Goodway Cassava & Potato Industry's 2011 After-sales Core Technical Staff Communication Meeting Held Successfully

At the beginning of the new year in 2012, the communication meeting of the core technicians of the Nanyang Goodway machinery&equipment co., Ltd was held in the customer service department of the equipment factory. All 37 after-sales service personnel of the equipment factory attended the meeting.

The meeting started with the after-sales business and introduced the overall situation of the after-sales business in 2011 to the participants. In 2011, Goodway Equipment Factory provided equipment and technical services for 318 new users in China and Africa. Through user feedback and sample return visits, about 72% of users are satisfied with the equipment and services of the company, about 20% The user indicated that they were basically satisfied, and about 8% of the users expressed dissatisfaction. At the same time, in 2011, the customer service department received a total of 11 complaints about user quality and service. Explain that there are still many areas where our products and services need to be improved and improved. The customer service director thanked the after-sales core technicians for their hard work and looked forward to the development of the after-sales business in 2012.

Subsequently, the meeting was divided into groups. Everyone conducted a work exchange in a relaxed atmosphere. They summarized the problems in the equipment and services in 2011, gained experience, and made good suggestions for improving the equipment and services. Opinions, relevant personnel from the Engineering Center, Technical Department and Quality Control Department participated in the discussion and recorded it.

Chairman Yang made a summary at the meeting. While thanking the core technical personnel after the sale, he put forward three hopes: I hope that the technical service personnel can continue to improve in technology, make research breakthroughs in management, and lead by example in the work. Constantly improve ourselves, contribute to the better development of the company's after-sales business and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

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