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Garri Processing Plant Garri Processing Line

Garri Processing Plant Garri Processing Line


Garri Processing Plant Garri Processing Line VIDEO
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Features of Garri Processing Plant Garri Processing Line

The automatic garri processing line is a series of cassava processing machines to make white garri(gari) or yellow garri(gari) from the fresh cassava roots. The whole set of garri production line includes the cassava washing and peeling machine, Cassava Grating Machine, hydraulic cassava mash dewatering machine, cassava grinding machine, Garri Frying Machine, Garri Sieving Machine and gari packing machine. All these garri processing equipment can be different models and various working capacities for users to choose in making garri powder under different cassava flour processing requirements.

How how to make starch from cassava?

To make good garri(gari) from the fresh cassava roots, especially the mass production of fine garri powder, a variety of cassava processing machines are needed as the support. The entire garri production process including cassava washing and peeling, cassava grating, cassava dewatering, milling and sifting, garri roasting, garri screening, and garri packaging.

Steps in garri processing line

1. Cassava washing and peeling machine

The cassava peeling and washing machine is mainly composed of motors, transmissions, and brush rollers. It is taking the characteristics of root and tuber processing machinery at home and oversea. It uses the principle of brush friction and is widely applicable to round, oval fruits and vegetables such as ginger , Carrot, potato, potato, sweet potato, and other root potato vegetables for cleaning and peeling, can also be walnuts, ginkgo and other dried fruit materials such as peeling and shelling. It is an ideal equipment for agricultural product processing like Garri processing.

Cassava Peeling MachineTechnical Parameter:

Model No. GD-BP-1000 GD-BP-1500 GD-BP-2000 GD-BP-3000
Machine Material Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel Stainless steel
Capacity 500kg/hour 1000kg/hour 1500kg/hour 2000kg/hour
Voltage 380V & 50/60Hz 3Phase
Power 3.00kw 4.00kw 4.00kw 5.50kw
Rotate speed can be adjusted can be adjusted can be adjusted can be adjusted
Inner diameter of rotary drum 800mm 800mm 800mm 800mm
Inner length of rotary drum 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm
Weight 400kg 500kg 900kg 1200kg

2. Cassava grating machine

Cassava grating machine
To crush the peeled cassava into small pieces or cassava mash, the cassava grating machine can be a good helper. The cassava grater has two pairs of inner crushing rollers in its grating chamber. The smaller crushing roller can do coarse crushing of the cassava, and the bigger one will do further fine grating of the cassava. We can use a conveyor for automatic adding of cassava for grating or put the cassava manually to the crushing machine inlet during the garri processing line.

Cassava Crusher Technical Parameter:

Model No. GD-GG-1000 GD-GG-3000 GD-GG-5000
Machine Material Stainless Steel Stainless Steel Stainless Steel
Capacity 1000-2000Kg/Hour 3000-4000Kg/Hour 5000-6000Kg/Hour
Voltage 380V & 50/60Hz 3Phase 380V & 50/60Hz 3Phase 380V & 50/60Hz 3Phase
Power 7.5KW 11KW 15KW
Weight 250KG 350KG 450KG
Dimension(L ×W ×H) 1300×700×1400mm 1300×1000×1400mm 1300×1300×1400mm

3. Cassava mash fermenting

Before the cassava mash dehydration, we should do fermentation of the cassava slurry to increase the good tastes of the garri and improve various probiotics, protein, and amino acid content. We can use the clean polythene sack to divide the cassava mash into several bags and lay them on the rack for 1-2 days' fermenting. The milky water will drain freely from the bags and we can use the container to collect them for extracting the cassava starch. Do not ferment the cassava slurry for a too long time, because long time fermenting will make the cassava mash become very hard.

4. Cassava dewatering machine:

Cassava dewatering machine

The common used cassava mash dewatering machine for garri production line is the hydraulic press equipment. When doing cassava dehydration, we should put the bagged cassava mash(which has been fermented) into the press barrel, then push the press button of the cassava dewatering machine. The press force comes from the hydraulic power of this dehydrating machine. And the pressed milky liquid can be collected for making fine cassava starch.

Cassava Pressing Machine(hydraulic press dewater) - Technical Parameter:

Model No. GD-HP-400
Machine Structure Single-Column Single-Cylinder
Machine Material Stainless steel
Capacity 200-300KG/H
Press Frame Volume 400L
Voltage 380V&50/60Hz 3Phase
Power 4.0KW
Cylinder Pressure 15MPa/30t
Interior Casing Dimension 1000×400×1200mm
Dimension(L X W X H) 1250×700×1250mm
Weight 500KG

5. Garri frying machine

Garri frying machine

Garri frying machine
This Garri Frying Machine is an important garri processing machine in the whole garri(gari) production line, which can do further dehydration of the cassava flour and can evaporate the poisonous hydrocyanic acid. Add the cassava flour into the frying pot which is a jacketed kettle with electric heating function, and then the inner mixing shaft will rotate for stirring the garri evenly.

When the frying temperature reaches about 50-60℃, the hydrocyanic acid will be evaporated greatly. During this cassava roasting link, we can also add the palm oil for making the yellow garri.

Electric Garri Fryer Machine Technical Parameter:

Model No. GD-EF-1200
Heating Type Electric
Power 36KW + 1.5KW
Machine Material Stainless steel
Capacity 100-150KG/H
Voltage 380V/50Hz 3Phase
Rotate Speed can be adjusted
Heat Transfer Area 2m2
Operating Temperature 150-180℃
Inner Diameter of Pot 1200mm
Inner Depth of Pot 400mm
Inner Volume of Pot 400L
Weight 850KG
Dimension(L X W X H) 2440×1310×1700mm

6. Garri(gari) powder milling and sieving machine

Garri(gari) powder milling and sieving machine
The garri sieving machine is three-stages screening equipment for sieving out the fine garri powder. Pour the garri onto the screening mash, and the garri flour will be sieved layer by layer through the continuous vibration of this machine. After screening, we can get three kinds of garri powder with different fineness. And the gari with bigger particles can be re-crushed by the crusher machine for fine garri powder.

7. Garri packing machine

Garri packing machine
The automatic packing machine is a very useful machine for packaging the garri powder into the independent bags quantitatively. The packing amount for each bags is up to your actual requirements. And we can also customize the patterns and letters on the garri packing bags for you.

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