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Cassava Presser

Cassava Presser

ZTZY screw progressive extrusion separator is a continuous operation press separator for organic material extrusion liquid and inorganic material slag liquid separation. The separator belongs to the third generation screw extruder, but it is not a simple transformation and upgrading of screw extruder, but a subversive design and change. The screen is not blocked and has no requirement for feed concentration, viscosity, hardness, astringency, particle size and fiber length. It can be widely used for pressing various raw materials.

The press can run stably and smoothly, with low failure rate, low operating and maintenance costs (non-stressed and protective extrusion of the screen), and extremely high juice yield and dewatering rate. Its press separation performance can be excellent on any type of press and centrifuge on the market. The juice yield of some fruits and vegetables reaches 85%, and the core juice is also a unique function. Some materials have a dryness of 20% after dehydration, showing the magical effect that is difficult to achieve with ordinary presses or dewatering machines. The use or extraction of juice brings considerable economic benefits. Its high crushing efficiency, the cost of input can be recovered in about one season, and it has a very high cost performance, so "choose to create value."

Pressing concept
Press dry, press clean, zero discharge, squeeze the last drop of liquid.

Three Elements of Press Selection
Feeding, discharging and slag discharging. Most of the videos on the Internet, people only see the liquid, followed by the feed, most of them do not see the slag. The liquid output seems to be large, in fact, the key is to see the slag, because any squeezer can do the liquid, but its effect can not last. Most crushers are prone to slip and return at the feeding end, resulting in extremely slow slag discharge, or even failure to come out. They are prone to jam and blockage, which is quite troublesome. If you hear the abnormal noise of the liquid sieve, you should give up decisively, because the service life of the sieve is very short, and the later maintenance cost is very high. The ZTZY extrusion separator effectively avoids all the disadvantages mentioned above.

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