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Seven Basic Basis for Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Seven Basic Basis for Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

There are many different modes of sweet potato starch processing: sweet potato planting base + starch processing factory, agricultural cooperative + sweet potato planting retail, large starch processing factory, small starch processing household, etc. Under different starch processing modes, the preparation time and capital invested in the early stage It is also very different. Every year in October, it is basically the peak season for starch and vermicelli processing. Generally at this time, the equipment orders of various processing plants have been completed and sent to various provinces and cities across the country in batches for installation and test machines, and they will be put into use soon.

1. The processing of starch equipment must be highly reliable

Seven Basic Basis for Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment
A set of starch equipment must have the basic ability to operate smoothly. The reliability of the equipment mainly depends on the manufacturer's design and manufacturing, which can ensure the smooth operation of the equipment and increase the starch productivity of the equipment. And this is also the reason why you must choose large professional equipment manufacturers when choosing starch processing equipment. Large manufacturers not only have advantages in research and development strength and manufacturing capabilities, but also strong financial support is also a strong backing for the continuous upgrading of starch production equipment.

2. The starch equipment must have safe operation
Large-scale starch processing equipment must have safe operability and is responsible to the enterprise and the operators. To ensure safe production, equipment should have safety protection design and emergency braking device to avoid accidents and economic losses.

3. Starch equipment should reflect the concept of environmental protection and energy saving advantages
Seven Basic Basis for Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment
The environmental protection policies that my country has vigorously promoted in recent years are reflected in the field of starch processing, requiring that the vibration frequency, noise and processing waste discharge of starch processing equipment be controlled within the standard range. Especially for the treatment of starch processing waste-potato residue and starch wastewater, there are already corresponding treatment and processing equipment, which can solve this problem.
Four. Starch equipment should pay attention to the convenience of maintenance

There are millions of automated starch processing equipment at every turn, and once a failure occurs, it will bring considerable losses. Therefore, equipment manufacturers will pay attention to the convenience of equipment maintenance when researching and manufacturing equipment, which is mainly reflected in:

1. The installation drawings and documents are complete, which is convenient for maintenance personnel to disassemble, assemble and repair.

2. The equipment structure is precise and easy to disassemble. Under the premise of safe production and processing, the equipment structure is simplified, easy to disassemble, and easy to replace vulnerable parts.

3. Standardized assembly and matching. The parts, accessories and electromechanical equipment of various parts have reached unified standardization, which is easy to disassemble and assemble.

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