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Cassava & Potato Processing Line

Cassava & Potato Processing Line Cassava & Potato Processing Line

As a professional and reliable manufacturer and supplier, Goodway focus on designing and providing turnkey solutions of cassava & potato processing line, research and develop the potato starch making machine, cassava starch processing machine, cassava flour machine, fufu processing machine, Garri processing machine and cassava chips making machine since 1991.

  • Cassava Flour Machine

    Cassava Flour Process Description and Flowchart:Cassava flour is also called cassava whole flour, which is the fine powder, a little yellowish and grayish. Cassava flour is different from cassava star... Cassava Flour Machine
  • Cassava Starch Machine

    Cassava Starch Processing Machine - Make Cassava Starch(Tapioca) from Fresh CassavaCassava Starch Process Description and Flowchart:Goodway has been continuously developing cassava starch processing m... Cassava Starch Machine
  • Cassava Chips Machine

    Cassava Chips Making Machine - Make Cassava Chips from Fresh Cassava Cassava Chips Process Description and Flowchart:Cassava chips is one kind of chips or slices made from fresh cassava roots, as snac... Cassava Chips Machine
  • Potato Starch Making Machine

    Potato Starch Making Machine - Make Potato Starch from Fresh PotatoPotato Starch Process Description and Flowchart:Goodway has been continuously developing potato starch making machine since 1991 to m... Potato Starch Making Machine
  • Garri Processing Machinery

    Garri Processing Machinery - Make Garri(Gari) from Fresh CassavaCassava Garri(Gari) Process Description and Flowchart:Garri is a fermented and gelatinized dry coarse flour, very popular in West Africa... Garri Processing Machinery
  • Fufu Machine

    Fufu Machine - Make Fufu(foofoo) from Fresh CassavaFufu Process Description and Flowchart:Fufu (variants of the name include foofoo, fufuo, foufou) is a staple food with deep roots in Ghana's history ... Fufu Machine
  • Sweet Potato Starch Machine

    Sweet Potato Starch Machine - Make Sweet Potato Starch from Fresh Sweet PotatoSweet Potato Starch Process Description and Flowchart:Goodway has been continuously developing sweet potato starch machine... Sweet Potato Starch Machine

Goodway Tuberous Materials Processing Machine Solutions:

Cassava Starch Processing Machine(Tapioca Starch Processing Machine);
Potato Starch Making Machine;
Sweet Potato Starch Making Machine;
Canna Edulis Ker Starch Processing Machine;
Cassava Flour(HQCF) Machine(High-Quality Cassava Flour Processing Machine);
Cassava Garri Processing Machinery(Gari Processing Machine);
Cassava Fufu Processing Machine(Fufu Machine);
Cassava Chips Making Machine(Cassava Cutting Production Line);
Yam Flour Processing Machine(Amala Yam Flour Making Machine).

Presently, most of our managers are technical and marketing experts, including more than 100 mechanical engineers, they are major in mechanical equipment and have many years experience in mechanical equipment manufacturing, research, and development. So far Goodway has acquired 35 national patents in the field of cassava & potato processing machinery. Meanwhile, we cooperate with many high technology partners and Institutes, as well as many professional Universities all the time.

In order to provide high-quality products and services, Goodway adopts the advanced mechanical production line and internal management system, with the international standards as development objectives, passes the ISO9001: 2015 certificate of the quality system, ensuring all products delivered are 100% qualified. Materials and finished goods are inspected in strict compliance with standards.

How to Choose Cassava Processing Machines Manufacturer?

How to choose processing equipment for setting up a cassava starch factory for the first time? You can't go wrong with these 5 points.
As a person who has not engaged in starch processing related work, it is difficult to successfully open a tapioca starch factory. There are more preparations to be done in the early stage. The preparation of documents and procedures can be done as long as the qualifications of setting up factories are legal and legal, but the key starch processing equipment needs to be carefully screened, whether it is Internet search to understand the basic information of the manufacturer, or telephone or Whatsapp communication. Understand the basic situation of most equipment, but it is more important to visit and inspect on-site to understand the actual operation of cassava starch processing equipment. What is the price difference between different cassava equipment? You can also learn more about the performance configuration and processing characteristics of the equipment.
As a buyer, how should you choose a tapioca starch processing machine?
1. Equipment manufacturers can provide customized services in accordance with customer needs.

 Crops such as sweet potato, potato, cassava, pueraria lobata, plantain taro, etc., have different crop characteristics and need to use specially customized starch equipment with different performance configurations. In the actual cassava starch processing process, if different raw materials use the same starch processing equipment (especially the crushing link), there is a certain degree of incompatibility. Therefore, manufacturers will recommend suitable equipment according to the customer's processing type and processing volume. 
2. Don't simply consider the price factor, it is more secure to choose cassava starch processing equipment with excellent performance and advanced technology.
stomers, especially novices, are not recommended to choose equipment made by small manufacturers because of price issues. The smooth operation of equipment, the rapid and efficient completion of starch processing, and the creation of economic benefits are the goals of the cassava starch factory. The starch processing equipment made by small manufacturers is low in price, low in output, and has many faults. The back and forth maintenance and replacement will affect starch processing. Powerful cassava equipment manufacturers have rich experience in equipment manufacturing, installation, and operation, which can not only ensure starch processing efficiency, but also provide convenient and efficient sales services. Moreover, the equipment manufactured by this equipment manufacturer has superior performance and advanced technology. In the current field of cassava starch processing, it will not be easily eliminated, reducing the risk of customers.

3. The mechanization of cassava starch processing is inevitable, and the high degree of automation, low energy and water consumption have a competitive advantage

Now no matter what kind of processing is engaged in, only by controlling production costs can we obtain better economic benefits. The high degree of automation in starch processing can significantly reduce labor costs. This type of equipment also pays great attention to the environmental protection of processing, energy saving and electricity saving, and further control of production costs. Low energy and water consumption, low labor costs, low production costs, high quality and more efficient, large profit margins, occupy a favorable market, and improve competitiveness.

4. Closed processing and easy maintenance equipment is preferred

According to food safety considerations, the outdoor simple starch processing environment is bad, bacteria and pollution problems are serious, and it has been gradually eliminated. Mechanized starch processing, a dozen of equipment with different functions are combined into a production line, the processing speed is fast, the contact time with the outside air is short, and the starch is dried in a closed process, which is cleaner and hygienic. All equipment structures are simplified, easy to disassemble, easy to operate, easy to maintain, and subsequent equipment cleaning is very convenient.

5. Select equipment mainly based on processing volume and investment budget

To start a cassava starch factory, you must first make an investment plan. In the starch processing equipment section, the processing plan must be formulated according to the actual processing situation of the individual, for example, whether to use fully automatic processing or semi-automatic processing, processing a few tons per hour (daily output), processing sweet potatoes or cassava, dry powder or wet powder , Whether there is a subsequent processing plan for vermicelli vermicelli, etc. This information determines the plant area and the specific amount (scope) of the equipment purchased. It can effectively eliminate impulsive consumption, so as to avoid buying unsuitable starch processing equipment.