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What are the advantages of fully automated cassava starch processing?

What are the advantages of fully automated cassava starch processing?

Ⅰ. The method of cassava starch processing

In fact, there are many ways to process cassava starch, simple, standardized, expensive, and cheap. Customers can choose a suitable way to process starch according to their own conditions.

But why is it recommended to use fully automatic tapioca starch processing machinery? What are the advantages of the integrated processing method of the cassava starch production line over the traditional manual starch processing?

Ⅱ. Process analysis of two different cassava starch processing methods

1. Cleaning

The purpose of cleaning is to wash away the silt on the surface of cassava to facilitate subsequent crushing and cracking to extract starch. Manual cleaning of cassava is also feasible. It is suitable for processing in a family workshop. The quantity is not large, and a few people can take a little more time. However, it is not suitable for large-scale cassava starch processing enterprises. The integrated cassava starch processing method is more direct and convenient, and the amount of cassava cleaning is large. Here, the raw materials are directly transported into the machine for cleaning and then transported directly to the next process to start crushing and filtering. There is no pause in the middle, and manual handling, so the processing efficiency is higher.

2. Smash

Crushing is an important link in the processing of cassava starch, which is directly related to yield and benefits. There is no advantage in manually crushing cassava. People nowadays will at least be equipped with a cassava crushing equipment to fully crack the cell wall and release more starch particles.

3. Filter

Filtration is to screen out coarse impurities such as broken cassava fiber and potato residue. Artificial starch will use hanging bags for the initial filtration of starch. The problem is that the filtration speed is slow, the amount is small, and the cleanness is not enough, which affects the taste of the starch. The fully automatic integrated cassava starch processing equipment will be equipped with 2-3 filtering equipment at the same time, with professional filtering facilities such as microfiltration, fine filtering, desander and silt removal, which can fully filter out the fine impurities, which is fast and takes a short time, and the starch is cleaner.

4. Refined swirl

The function of this automated equipment is to replace the function of the sedimentation tank. Separate oil powder and fruit powder to ensure starch whiteness. Large and medium-sized fully automatic integrated cassava starch processing equipment will basically use a cyclone station for operation, because the construction of a sedimentation tank requires a large area, and this starch precipitation process requires at least 48 hours of precipitation, and the starch slurry is fully exposed to the air, which wastes a lot of time and easily affects starch quality.

5. Dehydration and drying

If you do not carry out professional dehydration and drying of starch, but choose artificial outdoor drying, it is easily restricted by weather conditions, cannot be dried in time or the drying time is not enough, the water content of the starch is too high, it is easy to deteriorate and mold, and generally good starch storage conditions are required. Long-distance transportation is also not dominant. At this time, the advantages of fully automatic cassava starch processing equipment are fully highlighted, completely independent of external conditions, instant processing of incoming materials, high dehydration efficiency, 5-second instant drying, and automatic weighing and bagging of dry starch out of the machine, saving time and effort!

Ⅲ. The cassava starch processing should correctly match the equipment configuration

After the integration of cassava starch processing, the whole process of automatic assembly line operation does not require too much labor and extra space. From a long-term perspective, time and labor costs have been greatly reduced.

If you choose cassava starch processing equipment in order to save money and cost, you will encounter more problems in the future, such as the mismatch of different equipment models purchased from different manufacturers, the card slot is not correct, and the connection cannot be used; or when processing other potatoes When using conventional starch processing equipment such as Pueraria lobata, plantain taro, etc., many incompatibility were found after it was put into use. The effect of cleaning and crushing was extremely poor, and a lot of raw materials and time were wasted, and the gain was not worth the loss.

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