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Multifunctional Starch Processing Production Line

Multifunctional Starch Processing Production Line

A set of starch processing equipment can process sweet potatoes, potatoes, pueraria and cassava and yam.

Starch Processing Equipment

Starch processing has always been relatively common, especially sweet potato starch processing, and the market for sweet potato starch making machine has also been good. However, after all, sweet potatoes are seasonal raw materials. After a long period of time, not only will some starches be converted into sugar, but the skin of the potato pieces will also soften, making it difficult to crush and reducing the extraction rate.

The selection of sweet potato starch processing equipment also has a great impact on production. Good sweet potato starch processing machine should be able to clean the raw materials, properly crush, adequate sweet potato starch extraction, and starch filtration and protein separation. After that, it is necessary to ensure that the starch meets the drying standard of commercial starch and complete the dehydration and drying tasks.

Now the fully automatic starch processing equipment can not only process sweet potatoes, but also potato raw materials such as potatoes, kudzu roots, plantains, cassava, yam, arrow roots etc. In this way, if you want to make full use of starch processing equipment, you can process sweet potato starch during the sweet potato harvest season. At other times, other potato raw materials can also process starch, such as potatoes. Pueraria and plantain starch processing has some special characteristics, but the process is the same, only some equipment needs to be replaced, and not a big problem.

Pueraria and Plantain Starch Processing

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