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Cautions for Installing Potato Dryer Machine Equipment?

Cautions for Installing Potato Dryer Machine Equipment?

1. When a hot blast stove is fired, it is necessary to open a blower to cool the warm and wet air flow on the furnace wall, and not to overheat the furnace wall. When the power is cut off, the residual fire should be extinguished first. When the air temperature drops below 80 C, the blower can be stopped, and the hot stove is forbidden to dry-burn without water cooling. There are several conclusions about air-burn: one is that when the heat exchanger wall burns CPU over-heated, the sudden high temperature hot air will occur in the air supply. When it meets the residual starch in the air dryer, dust explosion will occur, causing major accidents. The other is air burning for a period of time, which will make the heat exchanger wall oxidize faster and burn through the furnace wall instead of being manufactured. In the production process, if the power cut suddenly or the system failure makes the electric be cut off, the fire should be withdrawn quickly, and the reflow furnace should be cooled before re-production.

2. The factory of potato dryer machine equipment should release exhaust fan to ensure natural ventilation. The lighting of lamps and lanterns must adopt safety-increasing type.

3. Operation of potato dryer machine should be regularly overhauled, oiled, and mechanical and electrical equipment and wires should be checked from time to time to meet specific standards. When maintaining the equipment, we should hang a "No Closing" sign in the electric box, so as not to cause undesirable accidents.

4. When the potato dryer machine is running, no hand or copper insertion is allowed in the shaking parts, otherwise accidents will occur.

5. Workshops need to be equipped with credible fire extinguishing equipment.

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