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Cassava Dryer Equipment

Cassava Dryer Equipment

Cassava Dryer Equipment overview

Cassava drying equipment is widely used for drying high humidity materials such as cassava, marigold, alfalfa, corn, distiller's grains, barley malt, melon seeds, straw, fruit residue, sawdust, Chinese herbal medicine and so on. Its thermal efficiency is as high as 85%, which is obviously higher than that of similar equipment in China. The equipment has the characteristics of full automatic control, continuous operation and high thermal efficiency.

Cassava Dryer Equipment characteristics

1. It is easy to move and compact in structure. The equipment is installed on the integral frame. The headstock is tracted and moved. The legs are fixed fast in production. It is stable and reliable, and the replacement site is convenient and fast. Its economic benefit is good and its performance is reliable.
2. Cyclic drying process, honeycomb structure and special material plate are adopted to ensure full contact between thermal energy and material in the dynamic process. Water vapor is discharged rapidly, which greatly increases the output of the same volume dryer.
3. Fully automatic control adopts operation and thermal numerical control control, which runs smoothly and reliably. Temperature can be automatically regulated to improve the stability of hot air temperature and ensure the quality of drying products.
4. Drying cost is low, power is small, operation is stable, maintenance is convenient, using high efficiency and energy saving coal-fired hot blast stove, and multi-stage waste heat reuse system, comprehensive thermal efficiency is increased by more than 10%, so that drying cost is greatly reduced.
5. The quality of dried products is stable and the moisture content of dried products is uniform. Material works under negative pressure, which avoids the deterioration of oxidizable materials. Material is not polluted in the drying process, and the loss of nutrient content of dried materials is reduced to the lowest point.

Working principle of Cassava Dryer Equipment

The working principle of cassava dryer is that the belt and pulley are driven by the main motor, and the drive shaft is driven by the reducer. Through the gears installed on the drive shaft and the large ring gear fixed on the body, they work in opposite direction.
Material enters the central cylinder from the feeding hopper and is diverted to the inner part of the honeycomb cylinder through the central cylinder. Material is circulated in honeycomb drum to prolong drying time, thus drying material. The hot blast stove sends the generated hot air through the fan into the air distribution chamber, adjusts the temperature and enters each triangle area inside the barrel, evenly heating the inside.
The special material plate installed inside the honeycomb cylinder constantly turns the material up and pushes the material forward to divert, so as to achieve the goal of uniform drying. The material after drying is discharged from the outlet. With the continuous rotation of the cylinder, the continuous production of materials is realized.

Cassava Dryer Equipment Structure overview

1. The frame part, which is used to install and fix the base of the whole equipment, is made of large section steel and has compacted fast legs, which can satisfy the stability and reliability in production.
2. Tractor head, which is used to provide power for replacing the site.
3. The bracket part and the whole bracket part are welded with medium carbon steel plate and standard channel steel. The supporting wheel fixed on the shelf adopts high-quality wear-resistant material, which greatly improves its service life.
4. The transmission part and the transmission frame are welded with standard channel steel and passed strict quality inspection. The motor drives the belt pulley, triangle belt and reducer to the main shaft to make the body work. The drive reducer is in the working part of the main shaft and is driven by the nylon cancelling connector.
5. Large ring gear, which is fixed on the body, engages with the transmission pinion gear and drives the body to work in opposite direction. It uses high-strength wear-resistant material, so that the machine has longer service life.
6. Rolling belt, which is fixed on both sides of the body to support the whole body.
7. The body part, the most important part of the whole dryer is the body part. The outer cylinder is welded with high-quality carbon structural steel plate. The inner special material plate and honeycomb cylinder are made of stainless steel. The purpose of the machine is achieved by strict quality control and specific manufacturing process requirements.
8. Heat source, which uses high-efficiency and energy-saving coal-fired hot blast stove and multi-stage waste heat reuse system, cooperates with the valve chamber to control the temperature in the required range, and the comprehensive thermal efficiency is increased by more than 10%, which greatly reduces the drying cost. It can also be equipped with use equipment according to the heat source required by users.
9. Cyclone dust collector, which is used to collect exhaust gas from heat sources.

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