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Characteristics of Rasper Crusher

Characteristics of Rasper Crusher

The crushing of potatoes is to break the tuber cell wall as completely as possible and release starch granules from it. A mixture is obtained when starch granules, fibers and soluble substances are released from crushed potato cells. This mixture is made up of broken and unbroken plant cells. Cell fluids and starch granules are composed of a mixture called potato size. Starch residues in the unbroken cell wall of potato sizes can not be extracted in production. It is discharged with dregs. This kind of starch is called bound starch, and the starch separated from the cell wall is called free starch.
The working principle of the rasper crusher is that the potatoes in the storage bucket are fed into the shell of the rasper crusher through the speed screw conveyor. Make instantaneous crushing. The crushed potato slurry is pumped into the screening process by a special starch pump through the underflow port under the case of the rasper crusher.

Rasper crusher is used for grinding and crushing potato materials, mostly used in potato starch processing.

The rotors used in the equipment are forged by special stainless steel, with 100 specially designed 1.25mm bidirectional combined files built in. The rotor is calibrated by a large high precision balancer. The file is clamped between two conical splints and fixed by pins. It is inserted into the conical groove of the rotor for quick replacement.

The advantages of the rasper crusher are less transmission parts, simple maintenance and large processing capacity. The disadvantage is taking the 500 rasper crusher as an example, which can process 30 tons of potatoes per hour, and the matching power needs about 160-200 KW. The power consumption is large, the saw blade is relatively fragile and easy to wear and tear. In the process of processing, if impurities such as metal parts, wood blocks, stones and other debris can damage 120 saw blades of the rasper crusher at one time, the maintenance cost is high. The rasper crusher is only suitable for processing potatoes, which is generally not suitable for processing sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have a lot of pectin. It is easy to paste the gap between the saw blade and the saw blade, affecting the crushing effect of raw materials.

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