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The 3 Main Problems in Deep Processing of Starch: How to Solve Them?

The 3 Main Problems in Deep Processing of Starch: How to Solve Them?

Processing and application of potato starch has been developing in China for many years. With the popularization of mechanized processing technology, many problems and drawbacks have emerged.

I. Small scale of cassava starch processing

In China, potato starch processing is still dominated by small-scale processing, mostly carried out by farmers and small-scale family workshops. The scale is not large and the production of starch is limited, which cannot meet market demand.

Solution: Expand processing scale and increase output. In recent years, the demand for starch in China has been strong, and the processing methods for potato starch have gradually upgraded, with automatic technology becoming the mainstream in the market.

II. Outdated cassava starch processing technology

Small-scale starch processing, such as traditional manual techniques and semi-automatic starch processing, use relatively simple and outdated equipment and technology for cassava starch processing. More reliance is on manual and natural processing. The starch quality is substandard and the economic value is average, which affects the long-term development of the starch market.

Solution: Adopt scientific and advanced potato starch processing technology and improve the process. Fully automatic potato starch processing machine can exert the powerful advantage of mechanical technology in every processing link.

With thorough cleaning, efficient crushing, full filtering, refined separation, and dehydration and drying, the processing level of raw materials is significantly improved, and the starch extraction rate and filtration rate have significant differences compared to traditional processing techniques.

III. Lack of environmental awareness in cassava starch processing, arbitrary discharge of processing wastewater pollutes the environment

In potato starch processing, potatoes cannot be stored for a long time. Due to the active amylase activity, the storage time is too long and the starch in raw materials will degrade into sugar, reducing the starch content, while the amount of dextrin and polysaccharides that are difficult to be recycled and utilized increases in the waste liquid after processing. Without purification treatment, the high concentration of nutrients in the wastewater can easily cause water environmental pollution.

Solution: Configure automatic potato starch processing equipment and potato residue and wastewater treatment equipment. The processing technology of automatic potato starch equipment is mature and thorough in extraction.

The potato residue equipment can effectively use waste to produce feed, and the treated wastewater can be reused to nourish the farmland.

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