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What Are the Preparations for Establishing a Starch Processing Plant?

What Are the Preparations for Establishing a Starch Processing Plant?

For most of the customers who have not been engaged in cassava starch processing before, but intend to process cassava starch on a large scale this year, they need to know that there are a lot of preparations for establishing a cassava starch processing plant. The most basic starch production workshop has to go through site selection, construction, equipment commissioning and installation, and worker operation training.

To run a formal cassava starch production plant, it is necessary to have a complete set of food production licenses and other certificates. It takes at least one year to prepare for this whole process. Today, we have summarized the four preparations before investing in the establishment of cassava starch processing plant.

I. Site selection and construction conditions of cassava starch processing plant

From the perspective of environmental protection, rental and land price, the following types of cassava starch production plants can not be selected near the town:

1. The plant is close to cassava planting base and farmers' market and it is convenient for timely supply and marketing of raw materials.

2. The plant enjoys convenient transportation or located in near highway, national road, provincial road, railway. It is convenient for the transportation of cassava raw materials in surrounding villages and towns, and also conducive to the transportation turnover of all parts of the country.

3. Hydropower infrastructure is perfect. Cassava starch processing should ensure sufficient and stable water and electricity energy supply. The basic requirements  for the site selection of starch processing plant are that the water source is pollution-free, pathogen free, sufficient water, and the power facilities are complete to ensure the normal operation of the plant.

4. When designing and planning cassava starch production plant in the early stage, it is necessary to consider and take the geological terrain, soil conditions, groundwater level and other conditions into considweeration for industrial construction to avoid unsafe factors.

5. Conducting  plant layout according to the cassava starch processing technology. The whole workshop should be convenient for transportation and drainage.

II. Certificates of cassava starch production plant

The major certificates needed: Business License, Hygiene License, Food Production License, Tax Registration, QS Certification, Environmental Protection Approval, etc.

III. Sources of raw materials for cassava starch processing

Own cooperative cassava planting bases give priority to cultivating high starch varieties and stabilize supply and production. Or purchasing fresh cassava from retail investors in surrounding towns uniformly.

IV. Processing methods of cassava starch

1. Semi automatic: manual plus equipment. Starch equipment is used for cleaning and crushing stages, and traditional methods of manual filtration, sedimentation tank and natural drying are used for starch processing. The low degree of automation means samll investment, long processing time, vulnarable-to-weather-and-environment processing efficiency and poor starch quality. It is more suitable for small cassava starch processing households. (customized according to customer's situation)

2. Automatic: complete set of cassava starch processing equipment: from cleaning, crushing, filtering, purification, refining concentration, dehydration, drying to automatic packaging. The cassava starch is processed uniformly by mechanized means with the advantages of large processing volume, high speed, high output, good starch quality. The scale of investment is larger so it is suitable for large-scale starch processing enterprises.

V. Selection of cassava starch processing equipment

The investment of equipment should be determined by the personal investment budget. The processing capacity and production technology also have influence in the selection of cassava starch processing equipment. Customers with different processing types use starch equipments in different configuration.

1. Simple cassava starch processing equipment - suitable for small starch processing users. The number of equipment is small and the configuration is lower with lower processing capacity. The operation is also simpler.

Simple equipment process flow: raw material—quantitative conveying cleaning machine—stone removing cleaning machine—inclined squirrel cage cleaning machine—overflow washing powder making machine—potato residue conveyor - fine filter - desander - sedimentation tank process (self built)

2. Standard cassava starch processing equipment — Made of stainless steel, the whole equipment is  durable and stable. A complete set of automatic processing system is of high equipment configuration. The raw materials fed into the machine can directly produce the finished dry starch with high processing capacity and stable starch quality.

Process flow of standard equipment: raw materials—quantitative conveying cleaning machine—stone removing cleaning machine—inclined squirrel cage cleaning machine—curved mesh extrusion pulverizer—potato residue conveyor—fine filter—microfilter—desander—desilter—cyclone Station—vacuum dehydrator—airflow dryer—weighing and packing machine

3. Economic cassava starch processing equipment —It is different from the standard type in the material of equipment. It is made of ordinary steel with lower price.

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