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Why Is Fine Filtration Equipment Necessary for Large-Scale Cassava Starch Processing?

Why Is Fine Filtration Equipment Necessary for Large-Scale Cassava Starch Processing?

Standard automated cassava starch processing is actually not very complicated, consisting of 7 steps: cleaning, grinding, filtering, purification, concentration, dehydration, and drying. Some processing steps can be replaced by traditional methods, such as cleaning and starch drying.

Many users have said that filtering and purifying starch can be replaced by sedimentation pond technology, which not only saves a lot of money but also has an acceptable result. However, the effect is far worse, which is why we recommend that everyone choose a professional potato starch filtering machine.

Why does cassava starch processing require filtering?

The coarse starch slurry after grinding contains a large amount of starch, as well as potato residue, skin residue, coarse fiber, fine fiber, and protein. Without filtering, the starch is impure and inaccurate, which does not meet market demand.

What is the purpose of filtering in cassava starch processing?

The purpose is to effectively remove non-starch substances. In addition to obvious skin and potato fibers, some subtle impurities cannot be seen with the naked eye. Traditional filtering methods such as filter bags and gauze cannot effectively filter them. Instead, they will flow into the next process with the starch slurry, resulting in dry starch with obvious defects, some starch will turn grey, lose luster, and even have small black spots, seriously affecting the sale of potato starch and subsequent noodle making.

What is the difficulty of filtering cassava starch processing?

The size and volume of starch particles are different for different materials. Some filtering machines have larger mesh sizes, and fine impurities will leak in. The sedimentation pond process filters starch, but it takes a long time and is inefficient, only playing a basic impurity removal role.

If it is scale cassava starch processing, the filtering and impurity removal step is difficult to replace manually, and it is recommended to use a fine filtering machine.

Is it necessary to use a fine filtering machine in cassava starch processing?

It still depends on the user's processing scale and starch use to determine which level of filtering machine to use. If only rough processing of starch is done for sale, a simple fine filtering microfilter can be used.

If it is used in the pharmaceutical industry or industrial-grade starch, the production scale is relatively large, the higher the level of starch filtering, the finer the filtering, and the better the quality of the resulting starch.

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