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The Investment and Benefit Analysis of Cassava Starch Processing

The Investment and Benefit Analysis of Cassava Starch Processing

This year's cassava starch processing has come to an end. No matter whether it is good or bad, it has passed. We have to look back and look forward. The investment and benefit analysis of cassava starch processing may be very necessary, and I hope it will be helpful for everyone to arrange the tapioca starch processing in the new year.

Here, we will analyze the automatic cassava starch production line, because the processing of small workshops varies greatly, and some indicators are difficult to quantify. Take the automatic tapioca starch production line processing 1 ton of dry starch as an example.

Ⅰ. The cost of cassava starch processing

(1) Raw materials for tapioca starch processing (cassava): 5 tons of cassava, the market price is 0.7 to 0.8/kg. Cost: 5000 kg × 0.7 yuan / kg = 3500 yuan.

(2) Water for tapioca starch processing: the cost is 3 yuan per ton, and 5 tons of cassava need 10 to 15 tons of water to process. Water fee: 10t×3 yuan/t=30 yuan.

(3) Electricity consumption for cassava starch processing: power consumption is 150 to 200 kw/h, 0.5 to 1 yuan/kWh, electricity fee: 150 kw/h × 0.5 yuan/kWh = 75 yuan. Pay attention to the difference in the price of agricultural electricity and industrial electricity.

(4) Manpower for tapioca starch processing: 6 people/class × 100 yuan/person ÷ 8h = 75 yuan.

(5) The direct production cost of cassava starch processing = raw materials + water + electricity + labor + fuel = 3680 yuan.

(6) Other costs of tapioca starch processing: cassava starch processing also requires fuel, which depends on your choice. Take coal as an example. 100 kilograms of coal is needed to dry 1 ton of starch. 1 ton of coal is calculated at 1,000 yuan, and the cost is 100 yuan. It is better if you can choose energy-saving and environmentally friendly materials. In addition, depreciation, tax, etc. are calculated according to the actual situation of each user's location.

2. The profit of cassava starch processing

After analyzing the cost, it is necessary to talk about the profit. However, the price of starch varies from place to place, as well as retail and wholesale prices. Therefore, the profit should be based on the actual sales. It minus the cost is the net profit.

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