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Analysis of Six Advantages of 2020 New Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Analysis of Six Advantages of 2020 New Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

The current starch market has high requirements for product quality, and both starch precision and starch whiteness have standardized industry standards. The quality of sweet potato starch can be divided into grades. White starch has excellent quality and high price, but the use of automatic sweet potato starch processing equipment is required to produce high quality and high precision starch.

The starch produced by manual processing is not only complicated in the process, time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also the crude processing environment could easily lead to excessive microorganisms. Therefore, even the original simple starch equipment also needs to be updated. Faced with the irresistible trend of market changes, more and more starch processing users and enterprises began to abandon the traditional starch production methods, and turn to replace and upgrade old equipment.

So what are the obvious advantages and characteristics of the 2020 new sweet potato starch processing equipment in actual production?

I. Fine and perfect process with high degree of automation

The new sweet potato starch processing equipment is fully automated, with cleaning and drying done automatically by the machine, reducing labor and saving labor costs. The process has been upgraded to be more refined, and it only takes 30 minutes from raw material to finished dry starch.

II. Advanced processing technology which saves water and electricity with low energy consumption

Unique starch crushing technology with multiple crushing, extrusion and filtration can save 50% water. Upgraded starch crushing strength with sorting crushing can crush more thoroughly and effectively reduce energy consumption by 60%.

III. Stable operation of equipment with low failure rate

In addition to the crushing section, the equipment runs smoothly at low speed, which avoids excessive vibration and centrifugal force and extends the service life of the equipment. Also, the advanced starch processing technology makes few wearable parts and low failure rate in the continuous processing.

IV. Diversified processing types with flexible and convenient installation

Although the processing principle is roughly the same, the applicability of different kinds of potato materials should be paid attention to when crushing. Now the starch crushing equipment has some differences in the structure and other details according to the nature of raw materials. Generally, it is equipped according to the actual processing conditions of users. The new starch equipment is assembled and installed into a complete production line by different equipment in each section, making installation more flexible and convenient.

V. Exquisite materials for equipment manufacturing which are safe, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

The new sweet potato starch equipment is made of stainless steel, which is not easy to corroded and rusted in the post-processing, and make starch production more secure. Because of the internal operation of the machine, the frequency and time of contact with air are reduced, and there is no manual outdoor operation steps. Therefore, the starch processing is safer and hygienic without contamination.

VI. Reduced production cost with convenient and quick maintenance

The new sweet potato starch processing equipment has a variety of combination and collocation modes, and the assembly line is perfectly arranged according to everyone's budget. The utilization of equipment is higher, so long-term processing effectively can reduce production costs. Diversified equipment assembly methods can not only ensure the production efficiency, but also ensure the quality of starch. The equipment is well arranged and easy to assemble. It also supports single machine disassembly, which makes repair and maintenance convenient and fast.

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