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Raw materials, energy and processing technology issues involved in setting up a cassava starch processing plant

Raw materials, energy and processing technology issues involved in setting up a cassava starch processing plant

The production of cassava starch in my country is mostly based on small-scale processing, and the product quality is too large to meet the requirements of industrial production, so it is mostly replaced by corn starch. If the quality is improved and the market is opened up, the demand potential of cassava starch will continue to increase.

cassava starch processing plant
Our cassava starch processing plant

Vermicelli noodles is a popular food. The demand in autumn and winter is large. In recent years, the output has been increasing. However, most of the products used tapioca starch raw materials are of poor quality and low grade. Some people have reduced their desire to consume vermicelli. By adopting new technologies, new processes, reforming packaging, and actively improving sales strategies, there is still a large market for starch products. This shows that the cassava starch deep processing industry has a broad market prospect.

However, if you want to successfully start a cassava starch processing plant, many considerations and reference factors are still needed. Among them, the energy, raw materials and processing technology of cassava starch processing are three more important factors.

1. Raw material conditions

Most cassava starch product projects are projects that are not very profitable. The long transportation distance of cassava raw materials will increase production costs and reduce profits, especially projects that use fresh cassava as raw materials to process starch. Fresh cassava is bulky and perishable, so it is not suitable for long-distance transportation.

Therefore, the raw materials for cassava starch processing should be mainly local, supplemented by other places. For vermicelli, vermicelli, and vermicelli projects that use starch as raw material to reprocess, consider deploying local cassava starch producers or cassava growers for joint operation and processing.

2. Energy conditions

In the process of cassava starch processing, water consumption is large. Generally, the water consumption is about 5 times the weight of processed cassava. Compared with the energy-saving and environmental protection of modern cassava starch processing equipment, the water recycling in some processing links is heavy in processing fresh cassava. About 3-4 times. The problem of water source is a major issue related to production and processing. If you use water wells for water supply, you should investigate the perennial water supply capacity of the wells, whether the water can be supplied normally after the water level drops in the dry season, and if you cannot solve it.

At the same time, it is necessary to study sewage treatment measures and power facilities close to the water supply. How to set up a sewage system? How to determine the power supply lines, transformers, etc. according to the power required to build the factory, and the purchase of simple purification equipment.

3. Starch processing technology

Small and medium-sized factories in the cassava starch processing project need to determine the project on the basis of their own original technology or on the basis of the successful experience of typical processing plants in the surrounding areas. Large-scale cassava starch processing plants need to consider whether there are such cassava starch mechanical processing technical personnel locally, or whether they can hire such processing technical personnel according to the actual situation of the factory.

Whether to choose the high-end mechanically automated cassava starch processing method or the semi-automatic starch processing mode, the ease of operation of the relevant cassava starch processing equipment, the level of investment, etc., you can also go to nearby manufacturers that have introduced or purchased relevant cassava starch processing equipment to see Look at the actual production situation, analyze the novelty, science, reliability, environmental protection, energy saving, high yield and so on of related starch processing technology.

cassava starch processing plant

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