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The Function of Cassava Starch Extraction Equipment and the Cassava Crushing and Cassava Starch Extraction Methods

The Function of Cassava Starch Extraction Equipment and the Cassava Crushing and Cassava Starch Extraction Methods

The function of cassava starch extraction equipment is very important. These cassava crushing and cassava starch extraction methods are available for selection.
The extraction of starch after cassava is broken is the process of using machinery to fully smash the cassava rhizome to break the cell tissue and release the cell fluid and starch particles. The degree of fineness of cassava crushing and the quality of technology directly affect starch quality and starch extraction rate. At present, many tapioca starch extraction equipment and cassava crushing equipment are developed around different crushing technologies. According to the details of the tapioca starch equipment, the crushing fineness and processing output are different, and there is also the difference of a single crushing, crushing and filtering in one.

cassava starch extraction equipment
1. Quality requirements of cassava crushing
The basic requirement is that the cassava roots are fully broken, and the crushing is fine and even. If the crushed particles are too coarse, too much starch remains. On the contrary, if the smash is too fine, the cell wall fiber, pectin and other viscous materials will easily block the filter. Generally, it is required that the cell tissue grinding rate of the crushing equipment is more than 90%, the starch separation rate is more than 90%, and the starch extraction rate is more than 70%.

Quality requirements of cassava crushing
2. Types of cassava crushing equipment and methods of use
There are roughly two types of cassava crushing equipment: one is a commonly used machine that only crushes starch slurry without separating starch; the other is a machine that integrates crushing and starch separation and filtration that has emerged in recent years. The latter adds a simple filtering function on the basis of strengthened pulverization, and the effect of pulverizing and separating impurities is better.
Common sweet potato crushing and extraction equipment that only crushes and does not separate starch have these three forms: hammer crushing, shredded crushing, and refining. The function is single, and only plays the role of breaking the cassava roots.

1. Hammer mill: It mainly uses a high-speed rotating hammer to hit and repeatedly impact to break the cassava roots, and then leak through the screen. The advantage of this machine is that it has large throughput, few failures, is not limited by the size of cassava roots, and is small in size, which is convenient for farmers and small workshops to process and use mobile starch; the disadvantage is that the cell tissue of potato rhizomes is low in breakage rate, which is granular after crushing. , The starch extraction rate is low, generally only about 60%.

Hammer mill

2. Grating mill: Plan the cassava rhizome into very fine filaments, destroy part of the tissue cells, and facilitate crushing and refining. The machine has the advantages of light weight, compactness, low power, low unit price, and it is not easy to block the mesh holes during filtration. The disadvantage is that the grinding teeth have a short service life, and the roller teeth are easy to be destroyed and difficult to repair once encountered.

3. Refiner: In some areas, electric stone mills are used for pulverization. The pulverization and refining effect is better, but the power consumption is large (usually more than 10 kilowatts), the processing output is small, and the grinding is time-consuming.


The cassava crushing equipment integrating crushing, beating, crushing, separation and filtration is a new type of cassava starch processing equipment that is more in line with market processing needs. It is suitable for the crushing application of a variety of raw materials (sweet potatoes, potatoes, yam). The processing output is large. The starch extraction rate is as high as 98%. The crushing strength and fineness are high. It comes with a separation and filtration function. The potato residues and starch particles are fully freed and discharged automatically. The crushing and filtering are integrated, which fully shortens the process time and reduces the energy loss in the transportation process.

BY: Iris Xu

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