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What Kind of Starch Processing Equipment Do Growers Need to Process Sweet Potato Starch?

What Kind of Starch Processing Equipment Do Growers Need to Process Sweet Potato Starch?

1. The relationship between the processing volume and the price of  potato starch machine equipment

In the early understanding and communication, we often ask processors and friends who are interested in starch processing a question: What is the estimated processing volume? This problem is directly related to the equipment processing capacity configuration and the overall equipment performance ratio. If the processing volume is large, the daily output is about 20-50 tons, the operation capacity of the potato starch machine should be strong enough. For the overall sweet potato processing capacity and the degree of refined starch processing, such as crushing fineness and starch clarity, the requirements will also be higher. In this way, the price of the whole set of equipment is on the high side.

2. What kind of potato starch machine is needed for bulk processing?

Most of the current customers are processing or mobile bulk processing. The desired equipment configuration is the kind of potato starch machine equipment that has good processing capabilities and a slightly higher degree of automation, which can replace most of the time-consuming manual operations, but the price is not too expensive.

In the process of inquiries and transactions for the overall potato starch machine in 2020, combined with various actual communication experiences, we found that the most popular type of equipment is the processing capacity of about 300-500 kg/hour, and the degree of automation of starch processing equipment is relatively high. It can realize automatic cleaning, fast separation of starch, dehydration and mechanized drying. The overall price of this equipment configuration is moderate, ranging from 300,000 to 500,000. It has high practicability and is an ideal choice in the minds of many users.

According to this type of equipment configuration, the potato starch machine has basically realized automatic feeding and cleaning, high-efficiency smashing and filtering, rapid separation and purification, convenient and easy dehydration, and instant drying. It solves the shortcomings of relying on labor and weather to process starch. Therefore, it is recognized by many growers and people in need of processed starch.

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