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What is the Reason for the Poor Quality of Starch? Use These Five Starch Equipment to Remedy

What is the Reason for the Poor Quality of Starch? Use These Five Starch Equipment to Remedy

The traditional potato starch production process technology uses manual methods to make starch. It does not have modern automatic potato starch production process equipment and depends more on manual completion.

I. The quality of traditional potato starch production process is poor

After the traditional method uses the potato powder machine to crush the potato, the internal substances are exposed to the air. Due to the low efficiency of human processing, the precipitation method and long-time outdoor drying make the overall processing time long, and the starch particles are also exposed to the air, resulting in a higher probability of oxidative discoloration. In addition, due to the exposure of outdoor production environment and serious bacterial pollution, this kind of starch has poor quality, dark color and it is not white enough.

If you want to change the starch quality problems caused by the limitation of potato starch production process technology, you still need to use modern potato starch machine, which can not only improve the production efficiency, but also easily solve the technical problems such as poor starch quality, yellowing and black spots.

II. Where are the advantages of professional potato starch machine?

1. A variety of cleaning machines can fully clean the sediment and gravel and screen out the impurities affecting the taste of starch in advance, which can also reduce the processing difficulty.

2. During potato starch production process, the rapid and efficient crushing and filtration technology can reduce the contact time between starch and air, reduce the probability of oxidative browning, and ensure the color of starch.

Just as potatoes turn black and brown quickly after cutting, after crops with high starch content are broken and cut, the phenols in them are oxidized and combined with the air under the action of phenolic enzymes to produce a large number of quinones. This new quinone makes plant cells turn brown rapidly. This change is called enzymatic browning of food. This is also one of the main reasons affecting the color of starch. Therefore, it is recommended to use special starch equipment for efficient crushing and filtration as far as possible, which can effectively avoid this situation.

3. With the use of professional potato starch production process and filtration equipment, the crushed starch slurry directly enters the filtration section, and there is basically no residence time. This greatly improves the material separation rate and filters out a large amount of excess potato residue. Purified starch ensures the fine white characteristics of starch.

4. In the traditional sedimentation tank process of potato starch production process, the starch slurry is exposed to the air for 48 hours or more, and the probability of oxidative browning is very high. This separation method can not filter out those excess non starch substances, and its own pollution problem will greatly affect the quality and appearance of starch. The professional starch concentration and refining equipment, which originally took 24-48 hours to complete, now only takes 1-2 minutes to complete. It can quickly and efficiently complete the starch separation, refining and washing, which perfectly improve the whiteness of starch.

5. The airflow dryer specially used for starch drying is fully enclosed mechanical design. It only takes 3-5 seconds to dry starch. It completely changes the disadvantages of outdoor drying starch, such as large pollution, long time and low efficiency.

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