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The Real Reason Behind Whether or Not Starch Processing Equipment Is Expensive

The Real Reason Behind Whether or Not Starch Processing Equipment Is Expensive

When choosing starch processing equipment, there is always a common doubt: why is there such a big price difference for a set of sweet potato starch processing equipment? What are the hidden reasons behind this? This article will analyze in depth and take you to understand the determining factors behind it.


Different processing scales of starch processing plant

Small-scale starch processing plant

Using the sedimentation tank process, it relies more on manual labor and weather, with lower investment. This method is suitable for small-scale production, with relatively low requirements for quality and timeliness, so the equipment investment is also relatively small.

Large-scale starch production

There are higher requirements for quality and timeliness, with more reliance on mechanical production. Correspondingly, the investment is higher. It adopts fully automated process flow to ensure high-quality starch production even in large-scale production.

Different automation levels of starch processing equipment

Semi-automatic production

Starch processing equipment requires more manual operation and cooperation, although it saves budget, but the output is limited and the quality is somewhat restricted. It is suitable for some small-scale production scenarios.

Fully automatic process

Starch processing machine is more worry-free and labor-saving, naturally more expensive. With high automation level, it reduces manual operation, improves production efficiency, and also ensures the quality and stability of starch.

Different materials used in starch processing equipment

Carbon steel vs. stainless steel

Carbon steel is a relatively inexpensive option, but its service life is limited. Stainless steel, on the other hand, is relatively more expensive, but it has characteristics such as wear resistance, rust resistance, and corrosion resistance, making it more suitable for long-term stable operation, reducing the frequency of maintenance and replacement.

In summary, the real reasons for the price of equipment involve various aspects such as processing scale, automation level, and equipment materials. Based on production needs and budget, choosing suitable starch processing equipment can achieve better investment returns in long-term operation. As a leading manufacturer of cassava and potato processing machinery, Goodway has always been committed to providing customers with systematic solutions to meet the starch production needs of different scales and requirements.


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