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Conversations with GOODWAY on the New Development of Sweet Potato Economy

Conversations with GOODWAY on the New Development of Sweet Potato Economy

In recent days, reporters ventured into the heart of China's Henan province, exploring the operations of Nanyang Goodway Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. in Erlang Temple Town, Fangcheng County. This investigative journey aimed to understand how Fangcheng Manufacturing is making strides on the international stage, propelling the new development of the sweet potato economy.

Inside the factory, the hum of cloud-based numerical control machine tools, fiber laser cutting machines, and numerical control bending machines resonates. The workshop is a hive of activity, seamlessly progressing from material cutting to assembly and welding in various production departments.





To meet the upcoming peak in starch processing demand, GOODWAY China's warehouse for outbound shipments boasts neatly arranged sets of starch equipment and noodle production line machinery. These are packaged and ready for transport to customer project sites, poised for immediate deployment.



"This batch of cassava starch machines is customized for a Nigerian client, totaling five sets with a combined value of 3.8 million Chinese Yuan. Over the past few months, our company has operated at full capacity, with workers putting in overtime to ensure our equipment serves customers' production needs as quickly as possible," shared Yang Pu, general manager of GOODWAY China Machinery.



The Equipment Is Loaded, And the Shipment Is Bound for Africa

Innovation Is the Driving Force Behind the Progress of Enterprises

In recent years, GOODWAY China Machinery has consistently adhered to the market positioning of technological innovation leading enterprise development, continuously increasing in-depth cooperation with research institutes and universities, and successfully establishing three national and provincial-level research and technology centers. The company has formed an innovative research and development team in Henan Province, consisting of over 20 doctoral and graduate students, as well as a manufacturing team comprising skilled workers in various fields such as advanced machining, welding, and fitting.


Annually investing over 1 million RMB in research and development, GOODWAY China Machinery adheres to strict work objectives for innovation, including the pursuit of 9 patents, implementation of 6 equipment technology upgrades, and the accomplishment of 3 scientific and technological achievements within a year. This approach aims to further enhance the advanced nature and competitive advantages of our products.

Technology Is the Primary Productive Force for the Enterprise

GOODWAY China Machinery continuously enriches and elevates the knowledge and technological proficiency in modern starch processing. Through technological innovation, we achieve product diversification to meet the global demand for potato processing machines.


Currently, there are more than 100 types of equipment related to the research and development of potato products, with 27 national utility model patents and 8 national invention patents. The company is steadily progressing towards a technology-driven 'growth' development direction.

Stepping onto the International Stage, Quality Is the Key

By combining independent research and development with technological innovation, GOODWAY China has achieved the goal of reducing product costs and enhancing market competitiveness. Actively exploring foreign markets, the company's overseas market share has significantly increased.

At present, 40% of the company's main products are sold to over 40 countries in Central and South America, Africa, Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and others. The annual sales revenue of the company is 32 million yuan, with an annual export earning of 14 million yuan.


Small Sweet Potatoes, Great Potential

While focusing on the high-quality development of our company's main products in the 'input-oriented' sector, GOODWAY China Machinery, leveraging its product advantages, delves deep into the realm of sweet potatoes. We aim to expand the sweet potato 'business card,' extending the sweet potato industry chain.


Yushufang Food, a subsidiary, is vigorously implementing the sweet potato deep processing project. Currently, processing workshops for spicy noodles, vermicelli, and rice noodles, as well as the sweet potato seedling base and experimental planting fields of the subsidiary Yunong Agriculture and Forestry, have been successively constructed and put into operation. With an annual acquisition of over 3000 mu of sweet potatoes, the comprehensive development and deep processing of sweet potatoes generate a comprehensive output value of nearly 100 million yuan, directly or indirectly benefiting more than 1000 households by increasing income.

Expand New Channels, Develop New Economy

Yang Pu, the general manager of GOODWAY China Machinery, stated that they are already working on creating a Chinese potato cultural industry park project with a total investment of over 100 million yuan. The project encompasses comprehensive sections such as the research and development of potato processing machines, the development and manufacturing of deep-processed potato products, automated potato processing, traditional craft experiences (industrial tourism), potato cultivation technology and science education promotion, potato cultural displays, youth research and study programs, smart agriculture demonstrations, and the GOODWAY China three-industry plus multi-core characteristic rural revitalization industrial development model.


After completion, it is expected to become a high-value center for the revitalization of China's sweet potato industry. It will also serve as an exemplary project for the promotion of Chinese sweet potato culture and a demonstration base for rural revitalization through deep processing of sweet potatoes with Chinese characteristics. The annual estimated impact is expected to attract 100,000 visitors from around the world, with projected annual revenue reaching 20 million RMB.

We believe that the value of sweet potatoes will be increasingly recognized by the general public, and the sweet potato industry will become even more diverse and vibrant.

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