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Overflow Elutriation Crusher

Overflow Elutriation Crusher

Different starch processing users have different standards for machine selection. Some require large processing capacity, some require small land occupation, and others require that the price should not be too high. In addition, each person processes different types of starch, including sweet potato starch, potato starch, cassava starch, pueraria starch, musa taro starch, and the configuration and performance of starch processing equipment used are also different.

It is different from the full-automatic starch processing equipment production lines used by medium-sized or large-scale starch enterprises. Daily output of these is over 100 tons of dry starch, they are of high degree of automation equipment, and the price is not low. The processing capacity of many users is not so large. Most of them are sweet potato fields. A simple production line or a small pulverizer is enough.

Advantages of Overflow Elutriation Crusher:

1. Many kinds of potato can be processed. It is comminution + multi-stage separation. It has good crushing performance, high starch dissociation rate, which is fine and uniform.

2. Overflow preparation, prolonging washing time and improving starch extraction rate.

3. High filtration rate of starch and stable operation.

4. The equipment, overflow elutriation crusher, has compact structure and small floor area, which can be used in farmyard.

5. It is easy to operate and can be operated by one person. This kind of crusher is more suitable for scattered farmers and small-scale processing plants. This machine produces a large amount of starch, which is 2-3t/h. It occupies a small area, the crushing effect is good and the price is not high. The quality of processed starch is still higher than that of common starch. Because of the small investment, ordinary farmers can afford it, which can be an economic project used by multiple households. In the starch processing season, due to the increasing equipment use, it will no be idle. It can also be used to collect starch processing fees and recover part of the cost through selling the processing service to others. According to the personal investment budget, to get equipped with cleaning machine or dehydration machine, can basically meet the processing needs of most users.

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