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The Difference Between Granular Starch and Powder Starch

The Difference Between Granular Starch and Powder Starch

The only difference between granular starch and powder starch lies in the different production process. The appearance of starch is different with different moisture content. Granular starch is produced by hand or semi-automatic process. It is the state after manually drying in sedimentation tank. The powder starch is processed by the automatic technology. It is the starch state after mechanical dehydration and drying.


Granular starch precipitates in natural environment. Starch and non starch substances are separated initially, then it is dehydrated simply with hanging bags, and finally it is dried in the open air. The starch has high moisture content, so it is granular, with a little more starch impurities and it has grayish color.


The processing of powdered starch adopts swirl station instead of traditional precipitation process. The concentration and purification system can effectively separate yellow powder, oil powder, pectic substance, fine fiber and protein. It is then mechanically dehydrated and dried. Starch whiteness is improved, concentration is high, and it is purer. It is time-saving, labor-saving and efficiency is high.


Therefore, granular starch is not the standard to judge the quality of starch. The different production technology results in different starch forms. The quality of both starch forms can not be compared. The majority of processing users, such as cassava starch manufacturers, and should produce starch that meets their processing needs according to their own market demand, product positioning and starch grade requirements.

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