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What is the Structure of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment?

What is the Structure of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment?

Sweet potato machine equipment will peel and bud the sweet potatoes into fine pulp, starch equipment is placed in the container with water, and evenly filtered with four layers of gauze for two to three times, and the filtrate will precipitate naturally. After precipitation, it removes the supernatant, and then the obtained starch is placed on the glass plate to dry. Finally, the fully dried starch is sealed in the container, so that it can be used whenever seed production is needed in the future. During the seed production, starch is 20 grams, and water 1000 ml can be added. The nutrient composition of sweet potato starch prepared by this method is almost not destroyed. Sweet potato starch processing equipment beats peeled and budded potatoes into fine pulp, mixes them in containers with water, and filters them with four layers of gauze for two or three times. It has compact structure, small area, easy operation and few people. It can be produced in general farmyards and is a kind of potato system which is suitable for scattered processing and small investment of farmers, synthesizing the advantages of domestic and foreign sweet potato machine equipment.

Goodway sweet potato machine integrates the functions of the crushing, fine pulping, automatic filtration and separation of fresh potatoes. The crushing and separation are carried out continuously, avoiding oxidative browning in the process of starch extraction, and producing starch which is white and delicate. Powder products processed by Goodway sweet potato machine are white, bright and transparent in color, and their value is doubled compared with ordinary powder products. The crushing parts adopt the latest hedgehog-type pricking roller, which cuts fresh potatoes into filaments through high-speed rotating rollers, with fewer fine residues and no blockage of meshes. It is conducive to the extraction of starch. At the same time, the pricking is sharp and wear-resistant, and the roller is not needed to punch, thus ensuring the continuity of the operation. The principle of overflow filtration and two-stage washing were adopted in the separation process, which fully prolonged the washing time of crushed materials, enabled starch and fibre to be separated in sufficient time, thus improving the extraction rate of starch, while water could be recycled , saving the water.

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