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What Are the Advantages of Cassava Starch Processing Equipment Cleaners?

What Are the Advantages of Cassava Starch Processing Equipment Cleaners?

In cassava starch processing, we have always emphasized the importance of cleaning. As the first step, clean washing is the foundation and also the key to directly affecting the quality of fine starch products.

Through the application of various cleaning methods combined, a large amount of soil and sand can be effectively removed, which can reduce the failure rate of cassava starch processing equipment, alleviate the operating pressure of starch purification and cleaning stage, and ensure the purity and delicate taste of starch.

Especially in large-scale starch factories, the daily processing volume of raw materials is large, and cannot be stacked for a long time, so it is necessary to process as soon as possible, which requires the efficiency of each processing link to keep up.

The cleaning machine in cassava starch processing has rich functions

The cleaning functions of different sweet potatoes are different, such as dry cleaning and soil removal machine, stone removal machine, rubbing and rinsing machine, and feeding cleaning machine, etc. The rich cleaning methods combined can not only clean the surface-attached mud and sand but also effectively remove the hidden dirt in the dead corners and buds.

The cleaning machine in cassava starch processing can deal with a large amount of materials

The cleaning process is mostly a combination of multiple machines, which are interconnected. The cleaning machine completes the entire process of feeding and conveying operation, reducing manpower and greatly improving the processing capacity.

The cleaning machine in cassava starch processing can save water

The amount of water used in the cleaning process is large, and recycled water can be fully utilized for operations to reduce the use of fresh water. The water after rinsing enters the circulating pool for three-level sedimentation, and the sedimented water treated by the filter machine can be reused, which improves the utilization rate of water resources and also effectively reduces production costs.

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