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How to Remove the Impurities Produced in Sweet Potato Starch Processing?

How to Remove the Impurities Produced in Sweet Potato Starch Processing?

In the sweet potato starch processing industry, there are grades. The higher the grade, the better the starch quality and the higher the price. The quality of sweet potato starch is directly related to the interests of processing users, enterprises, and investors. In the potato starch process, every production link will affect the quality of starch. Among them, screening, filtering, and impurity removal are the simplest processing links directly related to starch quality. So how to effectively remove the impurities produced during the potato starch process and ensure the quality of starch?

When processing sweet potato starch, after the sweet potato raw material is crushed, the potato residue is separated from the starch slurry, and a large amount of potato residue is discharged. However, there are still fine impurities, sweet potato fibers, sand and stone and other substances in the starch slurry, and many professional starch impurity removals are required to produce fine, white, high-purity, and high-quality starch. There are four main ways to remove impurities in sweet potato starch.

1. Centrifugal sieve of potato starch production line

It is mainly used in potato starch processing to separate the fine fiber and starch in starch slurry. It consumes a lot of energy, and is mainly used in large and medium-sized starch production enterprises, with 3-4 grades of continuous use. The gravitational force of starch granules and impurity fibers are different, and the two are separated under the action of centrifugal force.

2. Fine filter and micro filter of potato starch production line

These two kinds of filters are indispensable equipment for filtering and purifying starch. Multiple screens are arranged inside the filtering equipment to finely filter the starch slurry layer by layer. The filter rotates at ultra-low speed and has no centrifugal force, which fully guarantees the fineness of filtration, and is specially used to produce high-quality starch.

3. Desilting and desander of potato starch production line

Desilting is an important section of starch impurity removal. Generally, desilting devices are installed in automated potato starch production lines. The main purpose is to filter the sludge again, remove the sludge thoroughly, remove the remaining fine silt thoroughly, and ensure the quality of starch.

4. Starch concentrated and refined

The purpose of the starch cyclone station is to remove the fine fiber, protein and cell fluid in the sweet potato starch slurry, and to separate yellow powder, oil powder, fruit powder and other substances. It is mainly used in the washing and refining process of the automatic potato starch production line. Concentration is the prerequisite for starch refining. Goodway's uniquely designed concentration system can maintain high starch concentration to ensure the separation of most of the fine fiber and protein, concentrate refined starch, and improve starch whiteness.

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