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How to Solve the Problem of Starch Processing Wastewater? Cleaner Production Can Also Improve the Overall Utilization Rate!

How to Solve the Problem of Starch Processing Wastewater? Cleaner Production Can Also Improve the Overall Utilization Rate!

Ⅰ. Utilization of cassava starch processing wastewater

The wastewater produced by cassava starch processing itself does not contain toxic and harmful substances and persistent pollutants, and is also rich in nutrients needed by crops such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. An effective way to not only reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, but also conducive to soil improvement.

Potatoes are extracted through automated process equipment to extract pure starch for food processing, chemical industry processing, and pharmaceutical industry applications. The separated and filtered potato residue crude fiber can be used as feed for poultry breeding, and the organic fertilizer water produced during the processing is used for crops. Nutrients and water are provided, and cassava starch processing wastewater is effectively used to reduce environmental pressure.

Ⅱ. Ways to solve cassava starch processing wastewater

In order to improve the overall resource utilization rate and processing level of the potato deep processing industry, solve the wastewater problem, realize clean production and improve the overall utilization rate, the following methods and measures can be used for reference:

1. Reduce the cassava starch processing behaviors of the masses spontaneously and self-operated by retail investors, support the establishment of local starch factories that comply with regulations, and organize enterprises and cooperatives to centrally purchase potato raw materials at protective prices.

2. Encourage cassava starch processing plants to implement clean transformation, expand production capacity, and promote industrial upgrading. Improve processing efficiency and level, and improve the automation level of cassava starch processing equipment.

3. Promote the utilization rate of cassava starch processing wastewater, improve the supporting facilities for cassava starch processing wastewater returning to the field, and promote the harmonious development of starch production and environmental protection.

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