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Potato Starch Packaging Machine Manufacturer Directly Sale McGee Automation Packaging Technology

Potato Starch Packaging Machine Manufacturer Directly Sale McGee Automation Packaging Technology

Garri packaging machine is suitable for other powder which is not easy to agglomerate and has less water content.

Garri packaging machine is a kind of powder packaging machine specially developed by our company. It can automatically complete the material packaging control function. It integrates weight display, packaging timing, process chain and fault alarm. Feeding is controlled by frequency conversion of the windlass. Equipment material can be made into contact material stainless steel 304 or all stainless steel 304, with high corrosion resistance.

◆Menu operation is simple and intuitive;
◆Artificial assistance in bagging, pneumatic bag clamping;
◆Independent weighing system weighing, weighing accuracy is high, and the speed is
◆The material does not agglomerate or destroy the shape of the material when it is packed.
◆Material is not easy to remain in the packaging machine and easy to clean.


Garri packaging machine is composed of feeding device, weighing sensor, bag clamping mechanism, steel structure bracket, conveying equipment, control cabinet (including control instruments), etc.

Working principle:

Principle of garri packaging machine: Manual bagging is adopted, and it is controled thorough intelligent electronic control system, adopting the three-speed feeding of fast, medium and slow, in order to ensure the quantitative accuracy of the system, uniform feeding, automatic completion of feeding, weighing, bagging, discharging and other processes.


Garri packaging machine is specially designed for the quantitative packaging of feed, fertilizer and chemical raw materials, which have poor fluidity and are easy to agglomerate. The material is fed by long-distance winch. The material enters the buffer bin through pneumatic butterfly valve, and the material is conveyed to the bag by belt. By controlling the speed of the belt to control the feeding volume, once the bag is fully loaded, the bag is opened through the control system, the bag is sent away through the conveyor belt, and sealed by manual assistance.

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