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Starch Processing Plant Site Selection: Ensuring the Importance of

Starch Processing Plant Site Selection: Ensuring the Importance of

One important aspect of a cassava starch processing project is selecting the appropriate location for the factory. It is crucial to consider whether there are any requirements for the surrounding environment.

1. Logistics and transportation for the cassava starch processing factory should be well-planned.

If the starch inside the cassava is stored for a long time, it may become hydrolyzed, reducing the starch content and negatively impacting starch extraction. Therefore, it is essential to choose a location for the cassava starch processing factory that is easily accessible and close to the raw material supply. This means selecting an area with a nearby highway or provincial road and paved cement roads. The harvested cassava should be promptly transported to the processing site to minimize damage to the crops during transportation.

2. Water circulation is crucial for the cassava starch processing factory.

The cassava starch processing factory must be located near a water source to ensure an adequate and clean supply of water. Because cassava starch is primarily used for food, the water used in processing must meet drinking water quality standards, such as being soft, uncontaminated, pathogen-free, and low in heavy metals. Additionally, drainage channels must be carefully considered during the construction process.

3. Electricity supply is critical for cassava starch processing.

A stable and adequate supply of electricity is required during the production process to avoid issues caused by power outages. Thus, the cassava starch processing factory must be located in an area with comprehensive power transmission pipeline networks.

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