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Goodway Aids the Modernization of Africa

Goodway Aids the Modernization of Africa's Cassava Processing Industry

China and Africa are thousands of miles apart and separated by the ocean, but the friendly exchanges between China and Africa have a long history. Trade, economic cooperation, and communication have been ongoing.


Cassava, known as the "king of starch," is the staple crop in most African countries. Local people cannot live without it for three meals a day. It is also a bioenergy crop with great development potential. Half of the global annual production of cassava tubers comes from the African continent.


Where is the future of the cassava industry in Africa? The edible and energy conversion are two gold mines. However, due to the impact of backward technology, degraded resource base, and weak modern technological facilities, the research and development of cassava food and energy conversion in Africa have not formed a standardized industry. Especially in the field of food, the development of cassava starch and full processing technology lags behind.


As early as 2002, Goodway Machinery began to lay out a series of complete cassava processing equipment for the African market, used to process cassava flour, cassava starch, garri, fufu, attieke, and other common cassava foods for African people.


Next, Goodway Machinery will continue to develop new technologies and equipment, create a complete set of cassava processing equipment that is more suitable for the African market, and help accelerate the upgrading of the cassava industry in Africa, including planting, refrigeration, processing, and sales of cassava food.


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