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Factors Affecting the Price of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Factors Affecting the Price of Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

I. User processing quantity. The processing quantity directly affects the selection of type and range of equipment.

①If peasant household and small workshops process by themselves, the scale will not be too large. A simple starch production line can be equipped, the processing capacity of which varies from 2-30 tons / hour. Its price is relatively low and it is of less investment, small risk, small power consumption, and simple operation. Generally, it ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the actual configuration (number and model of equipment).

②If it is an agricultural cooperative, small and medium-sized starch processing enterprise, the processing scale of which is about 50-100 tons of dry starch, a standard starch production line will be needed. The whole process section of this kind of sweet potato processing equipment is automatic production. The equipment has large throughput and can produce good quality starch. The price is high, ranging from 400,000 to 500,000 yuan.

II. According to starch processing technology, the price of manual, semi-manual and fully automatic machines is very different.

1. Sedimentation tank process: this kind of production line generally adopts sedimentation tank process. After the sweet potato is crushed, it enters the self-built sedimentation tank for sedimentation and natural separation, and then the wet starch block is manually dried outdoors. There is no starch hydrocyclone, dehydrator and starch drying equipment. With the cooperation of machining and manual operation, the overall investment is small and the price is relatively low. The disadvantage is that it is easily affected by the weather, the quality of starch is not stable, and the taste is poor.

2. Cyclone station process: suitable for enterprises with large starch processing capacity. Automatic operation replaces the traditional separation method of sedimentation tank. It can automatically separate non-starch substances, which saves time and effort, and improves the whiteness and quality of starch. The overall price is higher than that of semi labor.

III. Equipment automation level. The higher the degree of automation, the higher the price.

1. Semi-automatic production: semi-automatic production refers to the cooperation between manual and mechanized operation. There are many kinds of collocations, which are based on the investment budget and required starch quality of users. For example, in the key steps of raw material cleaning and crushing section, machines are used to produce starch. Precipitation and drying are carried out in the way of natural precipitation and artificial air drying to save budget.

2. Full automatic production: for full automatic production process, everyone has different understanding. Generally speaking, fully automatic operation means fully mechanized operation. People are only responsible for controlling the operation of the equipment and monitoring the production process. They do not need to participate in the actual production. The initial investment is high, but the use efficiency and processing efficiency are also high, and the starch quality is excellent. After being put into use in the later stage, it is very easy to recover the cost quickly.

IV. Equipment material and manufacturing cost also determine equipment price

1. Ordinary steel: the price of economical starch processing equipment, that is, the sweet potato starch processing equipment made by ordinary steel, is much lower. The configuration of economical equipment is low. The starch quality of it is not as stable as the standard type. Later maintenance costs are high.

2. Overall stainless steel production: equipment made of stainless steel, with higher price, stable equipment performance, can ensure stable starch quality and excellent quality.

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