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Understanding the Four Technological Processes and Systems of Potato Starch Equipment

Understanding the Four Technological Processes and Systems of Potato Starch Equipment

Technological Process of Potato Processing Equipment

(1) Raw material pretreatment: After harvesting, potatoes are usually cut into slices or filaments. Starch equipment manufacturers make dried potatoes after sunshine or fire drying. This kind of dried potato is inevitably mixed with various impurities in the process of processing and transportation, so it must be pretreated. There are two kinds of pretreatment, dry method and wet method. Dry process is the use of screening equipment and air separation equipment. Wet treatment is done with a washing machine or a washing bucket.

(2) Soaking: Soaking in alkali water can be used to improve the starch yield. In general, saturated lime milk or 1% dilute alkali solution is added to the soaking water to make the pH value to get 10-11. The soaking time is about 12 hours and the temperature is controlled at 35-40 degrees Celsius. After soaking, the water content of potato chips was 60%.

(3) Crushing and grinding: soaked sweet potato chips with water enter into the hammer crusher for crushing, to a certain degree of fineness, going through the sieve hole to discharge outside the machine. The instantaneous temperature of dried potatoes increases during crushing, and some starches are susceptible to heat and gelatinization, which affects the separation of starch and potato residue during sieving, while the secondary powder increases and the yield of good powder is affected when the dried potatoes are separated in a flow tank. In order to prevent starch from gelatinizing easily after one crushing treatment, two crushing and separate sieving processes can be adopted. That is to say, the dried potatoes are crushed in the first way, sifted, then crushed in the second way, and then sifted.

(4) Screening: Sweet potato paste obtained by crushing dried potatoes must be screened to separate the residue, that is, fiber. Flat shaking sieve is usually used. Material liquid enters the sieve surface. It is required to sieve evenly and continuously. Starch enters the pulp storage tank with water passing through the sieve hole, while residue is left on the sieve surface and discharged from the tail of the sieve. In the process of sieving, as the viscous substances such as pectin are retained on the sieve surface, it affects the separation effect of the sieve. Therefore, the sieve cloth should be washed regularly to ensure that the sieve hole is smooth.

The drying system of potato processing equipment is composed of main drive, wire rope, chain hanging device, heat dissipation fan of steel structure, moisture exhaust fan, steam heating pipe, sensor, temperature and humidity detection controller, electrical control cabinet, etc.

The maturity of potato processing equipment system makes the process of potato starch production more systematic, and also makes the types of potato starch production equipment more diverse, which can meet the tastes of many people and meet the needs of more people. The system of potato processing equipment also makes the development of potato starch faster and promotes development.

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