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Small and Medium-Sized Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

Small and Medium-Sized Selecting Sweet Potato Starch Processing Equipment

When choosing sweet potato starch processing equipment, most users will think that the price of automatic equipment is too high to afford. Moreover, they think that their processing volume is not big, just a few or dozens of tons of sweet potatoes, so there is no need to buy overly expensive equipment. A lot of people misunderstand the fact that automatic starch processing equipment is not suitable for everyone.

Before buying the equipment, answer a few questions: how big is my processing volume? What kind of cassava starch processing effect do I want? What's my budget? These questions are directly related to the configuration and final price of sweet potato starch processing equipment you want to choose and you can choose.


(sweet potato starch processing equipment)

1. Flexible processing, reasonable collocation of sweet potato starch processing equipment

Everyone uses different starch processing technology, starch effect, and capital budget, and chooses different equipment types, configuration, and quantity, so the final equipment combination is various, and the price naturally differs. The most important thing is how to choose the sweet potato starch processing equipment that is more suitable for yourself.

2. Different starch processing technology is suitable for different sweet potato starch processing equipment

Fully automatic processing technology is that each section uses mechanized equipment, with high processing efficiency, good starch quality, but high price; semi-automatic processing technology, usually in some sections, uses manual method to replace mechanical processing, with low production efficiency, long production cycle, unstable starch quality, but low equipment price. Sales staff will generally recommend the appropriate equipment scheme for customers to choose according to the actual situation of customers.

3. Manual + mechanical, select the semi-automatic sweet potato starch processing equipment according to needs.

The processing steps of sweet potato starch are generally divided into the following steps: cleaning – crushing - filtration - pulp separation - dehydration and drying. Semi-automatic starch processing technology can be understood as manual + mechanical processing the starch together. After mechanical cleaning, crushing and filtering, the sedimentation tank process is selected to separate the non-starch substances in the pulp residue separation and dehydration and drying sections. After standing for a few days, move the sweet potato outdoors to let it dry naturally. This kind of semi-automatic processing technology saves three processing equipment, namely cyclone station, cassava dewatering machine, and air drying, which greatly reduces the production cost. It is the most commonly used processing method for small and medium-sized starch processing users.

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