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Technology and Processing Equipment Effectively Improve the ​Potato Starch Production Process

Technology and Processing Equipment Effectively Improve the ​Potato Starch Production Process

Potatoes are rich in starch, commonly used for processing starch and starch products. There are many factors that affect the flour extraction rate during potato starch processing. In addition to the difference in raw material varieties, harvest period, storage period and other issues, which affect the internal starch content of the potatoes, resulting in different flour extraction rates, the potato starch processing equipment and starch processing technology also have a great influence on the flour extraction rate of potatoes.

Compared with mechanical automation technology, the traditional potato starch processing technology has a low flour extraction rate and poor starch quality, and many shortcomings.

1. Potato washing of potato starch processing

Traditional cleaning methods are soaking and simple scrubbing and stirring, which cannot well remove the sediment on the surface of the potato pieces. Automatic cleaning is gradually cleaned by 3 to 5 different cleaning machines, with different cleaning techniques and strengths. Adopting various techniques such as dry cleaning, dipping, scrubbing, and showering, it has high cleanliness and easy filtration in the later stage, which can also increase the powder extraction rate and reduce the loss of starch.

2. Potato crushing of potato starch processing

In the traditional potato crushing process, in order to save costs, manufacturers would use crushing equipment with simple potato starch production process. This equipment has sufficient power and fast crushing speed, but the crushing fineness and uniformity are relatively poor, and the processing volume is small. Potato flour milling machine adopts multi-stage pulverization system to pulverize sufficiently, which can repeatedly grind, filter and wash the potato pieces. The processing loss rate of potato starch is low, the starch free filtration rate is high, and the natural powder rate is high.

3. Filtration of starch paste of potato starch processing

After the potato is crushed, it needs to enter the filtration system to filter out the impurities except starch to ensure the powder yield and starch purity.

The traditional potato starch processing technology uses simple and crude filtration methods, and requires a long time in the sedimentation tank to settle and then extract the powder, the processing efficiency is low, and the filtration effect is not good. Using Goodway's automatic starch filtration system, the filtration work is refined and classified, from fine filtration to microfiltration, and then through the refined concentration system, all kinds of impurities, butter powder and other substances in the starch slurry can be cleaned up without waste starch.

4. Dehydration and drying of potato starch processing

Automated potato starch processing works through the joint work of various starch equipment, which saves time and effort. The starch is mechanized dehydrated and dried, the overall loss rate is decreased, and the potato flour extraction rate is also significantly improved.

The dehydration and drying of traditional potato starch processing are all done in the natural environment, and the starch loss rate is higher, and the natural powder rate will be lower.

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