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What Are the Capital Investments Involved in Creating a Starch Processing Factory?

What Are the Capital Investments Involved in Creating a Starch Processing Factory?

Now if you want to create a legitimate cassava starch processing plant, the biggest issue is the cost of various capital investments, which is also a concern for many investors.

1. Land lease costs for cassava starch processing

A flat and open site is needed to build the plant. Whether it is to be leased or purchased, it is a considerable financial investment. In addition, the choice of location should be considered, such as noise control, away from residential areas, convenient transportation, close to water sources, and sufficient electricity supply.

2. Construction costs for the plant and workshop of cassava starch processing

The construction of the plant and workshop includes basic materials such as cement, bricks, doors and windows, as well as labor costs and material transportation costs.

3. Cost of purchasing cassava starch processing equipment

The cost of a set of cassava starch processing equipment varies greatly in the market, ranging from tens of thousands to millions of yuan. This depends on the manufacturer's equipment manufacturing technology, production capacity size, and hardware factors such as configuration. The capital investment in this part also includes transportation and installation costs, which need to be negotiated with equipment manufacturers.

4. Labor cost of cassava starch processing

The capital investment in labor costs depends on the scale of the starch plant being created and the degree of automation of the purchased cassava starch processing equipment. Higher-end fully automatic equipment requires fewer manpower.

5. Marketing and promotion costs of cassava starch processing

This is a capital investment in later production stages, which plays a role in attracting traffic and expanding sales channels. It includes various channels, such as promotion advertisements and investment information.

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