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How To Start A Cassava Chips Process Plant?

How To Start A Cassava Chips Process Plant?

Cassava chips could be used in livestock feed. Many cassava chips factory choose to process cassava chips for export. Formulation of livestock feed based on cassava with other enrichment ingredients such as maize was also proposed. However, this needs to be based on least costs formulation approach. It was observed that an interplay of factors would generally be the ultimate determinant of price.

a professional cassava chips processing line
(a professional cassava chips processing line )

As recommendations, it was proposed that:

(a)There is need for sensitization on the utility of some feed products in the market.

(b)Use of cassava-whole plant silage technology should be explored as an opportunity for possible exploitation at small scale feed production level

(c)There is need of bringing processors and farmers together through existing of new organizations as useful in supply chain management

(d)There is need for enhanced coordination of cassava industrialization initiatives in the country.

(e)As an R&D issue, focus should be placed on use of parboiled cassava to be dried and cut into chips.

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