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What Should Be Paid Attention to when Choosing Starch Processing Equipment?

What Should Be Paid Attention to when Choosing Starch Processing Equipment?

Potato planting should start from the beginning of the spring, and companies planning to build factories must also prepare for operations in advance on matters such as site selection and construction, plant material selection, recruitment and more procedures. In addition, considering that a complete set of potato starch production process equipment has a long production cycle (determined by the size of the processing volume), the bunching of orders at the end of autumn may also cause uncertain factors such as equipment delivery delays, which will delay the optimal starch processing period each year. It is recommended that everyone understand the processing advantages of different types of potato starch production process equipment as soon as possible. In the actual starch processing, more attention should be paid to the performance of the equipment, so as not to enter the pit and worry about the business.

1. Pay attention to adapting production capacity when choosing potato starch machine 

Different starch processing enterprises have different annual starch production plans. Potato planting area and raw material procurement should match the throughput and processing capacity of potato starch production process equipment, instead of blindly pursuing high efficiency. Once the raw material supply is insufficient, equipment standby and unbalanced supply and demand will increase the loss of starch enterprises.

The higher the productivity of the potato starch machine is, the higher the degree of automation, the equipment investment and energy consumption will be much higher than that of small starch processing equipment. Therefore, special attention must be paid to adaptability to ensure a stable supply of raw materials and reduce production costs. The productivity (processing capacity) of Goodway's potato starch machine includes 2-3 tons/hour-100 tons/day.

2. The selection of potato starch machine must meet the manufacturability requirement

The current potato starch machine is mainly divided into automatic and semi-automatic processing technology. Fully automatic starch equipment has a high level of automation, and this type of equipment has a relatively high initial investment, but in the subsequent continuous starch production, the operating cost is low. Semi-automated starch equipment is just the opposite, with low equipment investment but high operating costs.

3. Consider the economical efficiency when choosing potato starch machine

Considering the economics of potato starch machine is actually to require users to reasonably plan the input cost of a complete set of starch processing equipment according to the operating characteristics of individuals or enterprises, starch project planning, production and processing needs.

When investing in a potato starch machine, we must consider these 5 influencing factors:

①Production efficiency of potato starch machine;

②Durability of potato starch machine;

③Adaptability of raw materials to be process;

④The energy consumption rate of potato starch machine;

⑤Later maintenance and repair costs

In addition, it must also be considered that the investment in a set of equipment will also include transportation, installation, auxiliary facilities and accessories.

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