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How to Safely Store Low Temperature-resistant Sweet Potato in the Cold Winter?

How to Safely Store Low Temperature-resistant Sweet Potato in the Cold Winter?

Sweet potatoes are not resistant to low temperatures and are prone to chilling and freezing damage. In addition, sweet potato is easy to touch the potato skin during harvesting, transportation and storage, and increase the infection of the bacteria. Storage is an important part of sweet potato production. In order to safely store winter, it is necessary to grasp every link in the process of harvesting, transportation and storage.

1.Timely harvest

Harvesting begins at a local temperature of 18 °C. The summer potato used for planting is harvested before the " Frost's Descent". If it is edible, it can be harvested later, but it must be finished before the frost. The potato and the edible potato should be harvested in the morning on a sunny day. After harvesting, dry in the field, and then remove the potato chips that have been flooded, chilled, frozen, and broken in the field. After the selection, it was shipped back to the raft in the afternoon.

2.  Preparation for storage of cockroaches

Storage sputum should have good ventilation equipment, better heat preservation and cold protection function, and at the same time, the structure is sturdy and durable, and the management is convenient. The site is selected for construction in a place with leeward sun, high terrain, low groundwater level and convenient transportation. The fresh clams are cleaned, and the old clams are sterilized and sterilized before storage.

3.  Timely entry

Sweet potatoes are best served after harvest. Take it lightly when stacking to prevent damage to the potato skin. A straw pile with a diameter of about 10 cm is erected every 1.5 m between the potato piles. This is good for ventilation, moisture, and heat dissipation. Sweet potato storage generally accounts for 2/3 of the space and cannot be stored too much. Otherwise, the sweet potato may easily rot due to poor ventilation and heat dissipation.

4. Management during storage

Pre-storage management
From the potato block to the management of the seal, the main purpose is to reduce the temperature and spread the dampness, and prevent the spread of the potato block, germination and disease. After entering the sputum, the temperature was kept at 20 °C. After one week, the door and the ventilator were opened to ventilate and cool down. When the outside temperature is high, the mouth can be covered with a banquet or a straw curtain. If you encounter frost, you should pay attention to cold protection.

Storage medium management
The temperature has started to rise from the year of the seal, and it is in the coldest season. The potato tubers are weakened and produce less heat. Management is mainly based on heat preservation and cold protection. It is required to keep the temperature at 12-14 degrees and not less than 10 degrees to prevent the potato pieces from being chilled.

Post storage management
From the temperature rise, the land began to freeze to the potato block, the external temperature continued to rise during this time, and the temperature inside the sputum began to rise. The potato block gradually strengthens its breathing and its resistance to adverse environments decreases. Management is based on stable temperature. The temperature is required to be maintained at 11-13 degrees, and proper ventilation, heat dissipation, and moisture dissipation can be performed. If you encounter a cold current, you should do a good job of cold insulation. At the same time, it is found that the rotten sweet potato should be removed in time.

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