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The High-yield Pulverizer Produces 5 Tons in One Hour with the Output Several Times the Original!

The High-yield Pulverizer Produces 5 Tons in One Hour with the Output Several Times the Original!

For potato starch, the crushing degree of raw materials and the size of crushing fineness are directly related to the free effect of starch. High starch free rate is a prerequisite for high starch extraction rate. In the process of potato starch production and processing for many years, after several experiments and expert researches on potato starch production process, it is found that under the condition of the same processing time, processing variety, processing water volume, feed volume, and feeding speed, the podwer making machine that has better performances in crushing efficiency turns out to be better in starch free rate, which also means that more starch can be obtained by achieving a multiplier effect with half the effort.

I. Select a technical potato powder making machine before processing

Now if you want to start potato starch production process, it is best to choose a special potato powder making machine for a certain type. Because there are big differences between different potato varieties due to plant characteristics, tuber volume, fiber thickness, starch particle size, etc. So in actual operation, if a potato starch machine processes several different raw materials at the same time, it not only can't effectively break the tuber barrier, release starch granules, it is also easy to cause damage to the powdering machine, cause malfunction and cause greater losses due to the inadaptability of potato starch production process.

The potato powder making machine specially developed by Goodway is designed for processing high-fiber, high-quality potato raw materials. According to different configurations, it can be divided into sweet potato powder making machine, powder making machine, etc., which are especially suitable for the combined use in mechanized potato starch production lines.

II. Advantages of using a technical potato powder making machine

This high-yield potato powder making machine has a more scientific and reasonable processing method. It adopts a unique process of multi-stage crushing, multi-stage washing, multi-stage filtration, and multi-stage extrusion in sequence, which greatly increases the material separation rate and reduces the overall energy consumption. The sorting crushing principle is adopted to perform secondary crushing of materials that cannot meet the requirements, which further improves the fineness of potato residue and increases the starch extraction rate. Therefore, the machine saves power, improves efficiency and ensures the uniformity of materials.

In addition, the continuous operation of crushing and multi-stage separation shortens the contact time of starch and oxygen, avoids browning of starch due to oxidation, and ensures that starch is white in color and good in quality. Starch products such as vermicelli are crystal clear with increased toughness.

Some customers think that the price of a complete set of potato starch machine is high, and they have to go to the second option by choosing a semi-manual and semi-mechanical way to make starch. By doing so, you need to choose a powder making machine carefully. Only by employing techinical potato powder making equipment can we maximize the starch extraction rate, achieve higher economic benefits with high-quality starch and protect the production benefits of customers.

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