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Analysis of Investment in the Engineering Construction and Equipment of a Professional Potato Starch Processing Plant

Analysis of Investment in the Engineering Construction and Equipment of a Professional Potato Starch Processing Plant

With the rapid development of the industrialization of potato (sweet potato, potato, kudzu root, banana yam, pea, corn, wheat, etc.) and the deep processing of starch, a number of large and medium-sized potato starch specialized processing plants have been gradually established.

Farmer processing bases that mainly produce crude starch and large and medium-sized mechanized starch processing plants are relatively common in China's agricultural starch processing provinces, and have formed a considerable scale of potato starch industrial operation methods. For example, potato starch produced in Yuzhou, Fengqiu, Sheqi, and Fangcheng in Henan Province is pure, white, and impurity-free. It is processed into powder noodles and powder skin, which not only have superior quality and high prices but also have high profits. They are sold throughout the country and have achieved significant social and economic benefits.

Regarding the construction of a professional cassava starch processing plant, what are the specific implementation and preparatory work, and what kind of economic benefits can be obtained? In addition to starch processing equipment, what other aspects need to be understood? Below is a summary of the information from Gudewei Potato Industry, hoping to help everyone!

1. Selection of cassava starch processing plant site (there are generally 5 specific requirements for choosing the site)

① Choose a location near the raw material production area, the product sales market, and the surrounding agricultural markets.

② Choose a location that is convenient for transportation, close to the potato production base, with fresh potato raw material planting sites close to the highway for easy transportation.

③ Choose a location near water sources with good water quality (soft water, pollution-free, disease-free, and in compliance with drinking water quality standards), sufficient water volume, and deep well water or river water is preferable, with convenient drainage and no pollution nearby.

④ Choose a location near a power source with complete water and electricity facilities and sufficient power supply, as well as reliable power supply.

⑤ The requirements for the construction conditions, terrain, and land area of the plant area: the terrain, size, slope of the plant area should be conducive to transportation, water supply, drainage, and be suitable for the technological characteristics of the processing operation.

2. Selection of cassava starch processing equipment and production technology (adjusted according to the investor’s personal financial situation and investment capacity)

According to the user's investment capacity and the requirement for starch quality, choose suitable starch processing equipment for processing needs.

① Small-scale farmers and family workshops for processing crude starch

The characteristics of this type are small investment and mainly manual operation, supplemented by simple machinery, with an investment amount of around 10,000 to 30,000 yuan. Starch production capacity varies from 0.3-1 ton. Most of them use simple single-machine equipment, combined with manual operation, or a simple type of potato starch production line (without purification, drying equipment), self-built sedimentation tank, and adopt the "acid pulp method" production process. They use hanging filtration, dehydration, and natural drying to save a lot of investment in mechanical purification filtration, mechanical dehydration, mechanical drying, etc.

② Small-scale enterprises

Small and medium-sized starch processing enterprises replace manual labor with mechanization, greatly improving production efficiency, but depending on the degree of mechanization, their production scale varies greatly.

The investment amount of primary investment-scale cassava starch processing enterprises is around 150,000-200,000 yuan. The factory area is not large, about 100 square meters, with cleaning equipment, flouring equipment, etc. Starch processing can go directly. Five to ten tons of fresh potatoes can be crushed per hour, and 10-20 tons of starch can be produced per day. Raw starch from farmers can also be purchased and processed into refined starch.

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