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Structural Principle of Cassava Crusher

Structural Principle of Cassava Crusher

Main uses of Cassava Crusher

Cassava superfine crusher is composed of main machine, auxiliary machine and electronic control box. It has many performances, such as air selection, no screen, no net, uniform particle size and so on. The production process is continuous. 500 mesh ultrafine crusher has reached the international advanced level and is widely used in material grinding in pharmaceutical, energy, food and other industries.

Dry cassava superfine crusher is a kind of high efficiency superfine crusher. The crushing of materials and the grading of particles are installed in the same body, and each of them operates independently. The 500 mesh superfine crusher has the characteristics of full function, compact structure, stable technical performance, low power consumption, wide application range, no dust generation, adjustable powder fineness (60-500 mesh), simple maintenance and so on. It is widely used in energy, dyes, coatings, medicine, food and other industries in different fields of ultrafine grinding. The crushing and grading of materials to finished products are carried out in the same closed system. After dust removal, it is not polluted. It is an ideal complete set of equipment for environmental protection at present.

Working principle of Cassava Crusher

The 500 mesh cassava superfine crusher feeds the material into the crushing chamber between the body and the guide ring through the screw feeder at the inlet and outlet. Under the impact of the high-speed rotating blade in the crushing chamber, the material is thrown towards the gear ring fixed on the body, resulting in impact, shearing, as well as the collision, friction and shearing between the material and the blade and the gear ring for alternate crushing. After crushing, under the pulling force of negative pressure airflow, small powder particles overcome self-weight and cross the guide ring with airflow and enter the classification chamber. The classified impeller is composed of blades. The centrifugal force opposite to the negative pressure is produced by the high-speed rotating blade. The particles sinking into the blade passage are also affected by the centripetal force of the negative pressure airflow, the self-weight of the particles and the centrifugal force produced by the impeller. The particles larger than the critical diameter (the graded diameter) in the particles are thrown back to the grinding chamber to continue grinding because of their large mass, and the particles smaller than the critical diameter enter through the discharge tube. The cyclone collector is discharged by discharging valve. The higher the rotating speed of the grading impeller is, the finer the grading powder is. Adjusting the rotating speed of the grading impeller is the decisive factor to control the size of the powder particles.

Maintenance of Cassava Crusher

1. In the production process, it is necessary to check the temperature rise of bearings frequently. When the temperature rise exceeds 50 Celsius, the machine should stop to check, find out the reasons and troubleshoot.
2. When the new machine is running, the transmission belt is easy to be lengthened. Attention should be paid to adjusting the appropriate plate tightness of the belt to ensure the service life of the belt.
3. Vulnerable parts should be inspected regularly and replaced in time to ensure production.
4. Blades and bushings should be inspected regularly for wear and tear. For example, after wear, productivity decreases and particle size becomes coarser. When wear and tear is found, they should be replaced immediately.
5. The main engine and graded rolling bearings are all grease lubricated, using 2 # white special grease (Q/SY-5-79), penetration 265-295.
6. The grease-changing period of bearings is 2000 hours. If the grease is filled in the space of the bearing chamber (upper side) or 3/4 (lower side), the grease should not be filled too much, otherwise the bearing temperature will be too high.
7. The screw feeder lubricates the bearing without grease, but it should be cleaned regularly.

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