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How to Choose a Set of Mature and Practical Starch Processing Equipment?

How to Choose a Set of Mature and Practical Starch Processing Equipment?

Before officially starting cassava starch processing, it is recommended that you formulate detailed plans for entrepreneurship, construction, production, and sales. All the details including capital, site, plant, manpower, equipment, water and electricity, storage tanks, production workshop, product packaging, sales channels are fully controlled, so that we can have a clearer positioning for the cassava starch processing industry to be engaged in the future.

The cassava starch production cost is well controlled at the source, and the sales at the end are well organized. Regardless of the amount of starch processing, it is very important to find a set of starch processing equipment with moderate price, good processing performance and high productivity. So where should we start and choose a set of mature and practical starch processing equipment?

1. Determine the future cassava starch production scale and select the appropriate configuration

Take the high-end boutique starch route or the low-end starch route. The starch produced by the two differ greatly in terms of quality, appearance, price, and use, which also determines the performance and specific configuration of the starch equipment you want to choose.

2. The cassava starch processing requires a general investment plan to reduce investment risks

It is estimated that the investment budget in the selection of starch equipment will be convenient to grasp the general direction of equipment selection, whether it is a set of standard fully automatic starch processing production lines or simple and practical starch production lines.

3. Reasonably use the cassava starch processing season to match the actual processing volume

The harvest time of potatoes (especially sweet potatoes) is concentrated, which is not tolerant to storage, and the processing time of tapioca starch is short. Therefore, when intensively processing cassava starch, the throughput of the equipment must be considered, and the starch processing task can be completed in a short time, so that the equipment cannot drive too much output and cause equipment failure.

4. Improve equipment utilization and reduce energy consumption generated by cassava starch processing equipment

The focus of starch processing lies in the three parts of crushing, filtering, and separation. To control the cost and to improve the utilization rate of the equipment, a small quantity and low price style can be selected on the starch drying equipment. In the continuous processing of cassava starch, the processed starch in the previous stage can be stored wet first, and finally dried gradually according to demand. This can also effectively reduce power consumption.

5. Improve the automation of cassava starch processing equipment and choose machinery instead of labor

The current starch production requires fast speed, high yield, and good quality. If you still choose the manual extraction of the past and wait for the starch to dry slowly, this starch demand has long passed, so we must seize the opportunity and use the biggest advantage of automated equipment to efficiently complete the production of cassava starch in a short time, and then proceed to the subsequent processing of vermicelli.

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