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Introduction of Automated Starch Processing Technology

Introduction of Automated Starch Processing Technology

1. Cassava starch processing cleaning: Multiple cleaning methods are used to remove dirt and sand from the surface of the cassava, ensuring the taste and purity of the starch in subsequent production processes.

2. Cassava starch processing grinding: Using a specialized powdering machine, raw materials such as sweet potato, potato, arrowroot, cassava, and taro are ground and pulverized. With a unique process consisting of a 2nd-level grinding, 3rd-level squeeze, 4th-level washing, and 5th-level filtering in a cycle, the material can be thoroughly pulverized and the starch can be completely freed, improving the filtration rate of the starch.

3. Cassava starch processing screening and filtering: The starch slurry that has been ground is filtered for the first time to purify the starch and remove the fine impurities from the starch slurry.

4.  Cassava starch processing desanding and degreasing: With German technology, the process is primarily used for starch desanding and degreasing, as well as removing fine impurities from starch, jam, well water, and river water, ensuring the basic quality of the starch.

5. Cassava starch processing concentration and refinement: The majority of the fine fibers, proteins, yellow flour, oil flour, pectin, and other non-starchy substances in the starch slurry are separated, improving the whiteness and quality of the starch.

6. Cassava starch processing vacuum dehydration: Using vacuum filtration, the starch dehydration rate is high, effectively improving the starch purity. The dehydrated starch is easy to dry, ensuring the quality of the final starch product.

7. Cassava starch processing starch drying: The wet starch that has been dehydrated is rapidly dried using high-intensity drying equipment, with low-temperature and high-wind speeds, and no pollution from contact with the outside world.

8. Cassava starch processing final product packaging: Automated equipment packages the processed starch into bags, avoiding corrosion, ensuring hygiene, and facilitating transportation.

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