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How to Maintain Mobile Cassava Processing Machine

How to Maintain Mobile Cassava Processing Machine

In the case of traditional family workshop production, the mobile cassava processing machine with simple operation is selected. The mechanical production is used for raw material cleaning, crushing, filtering and impurity removal, while the traditional method is used for starch precipitation, filtration and drying. This ensures that the investment is not high and the quality of traditional starch processing can be maintained. At the same time, the market recognition is high. It can be said that it is killing many birds with one stone. In normal potatoes scratch processing, it is also not feasible, mainly because of the short processing cycle, poor storage resistance of raw materials, the longer the storage time, the lower the starch content, the integrated starch processing equipment of each section, which ensures that the installation and debugging of the site is simple and the cost is very low.

However, starch purification is still a traditional sedimentation tank. The economic starch production line can complete the whole production process from cleaning to finished product packaging, and it is an automated starch production line. All the processing processes are mechanical production, and manual operation is only needed in the mobile cassava processing machine. Compared with the standard starch production line, the difference between the economic starch production line and the standard starch production line is that the configuration of starch processing equipment is relatively simple. The service life and starch quality of the mobile cassava processing machine are stable, but there is no difference in other aspects. Adequate water should be provided. If the pump water supply system fails, it should be shut down and maintained properly before it can continue to use. If starch is found in the residue, the screen should be replaced or the surface of the screen may be blocked by potato gluten, it should be removed, dried and kneaded, which can still be used for cleaning and drying.

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