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What Are the Unique Advantages of Automatic Starch Equipment Suitable for Large-scale Factory Construction?

What Are the Unique Advantages of Automatic Starch Equipment Suitable for Large-scale Factory Construction?

Starch has a wide range of uses, involving applications in multiple industries. Whether as food-grade high-quality starch or industrial starch for processing applications, there is a huge market.

However, in view of the backward processing concepts and the inadequate popularization of modern agricultural product processing knowledge and technology, the degree of modernization of the potato starch production process industry is not high, which limits the processing mode and consumption upgrade to a certain extent. The simple starch rough processing method has low production cost, but the overall processing scale is relatively small. The production environment is mostly produced by farmers themselves, the output is not large, the starch quality cannot be stable and uniform, and it cannot meet the huge demand of the starch market at all. What are the unique advantages of automatic potato starch machine equipment?

1. The potato starch machine has a high level of mechanization: reducing mannual power and facilitating the operation

The whole process of fully automatic starch equipment is mechanized, from cleaning to crushing, filtering, desilting, concentration and refining, dehydration and drying, and finally dry starch, which is automatically weighed and packaged. The processing time of potato starch machine is short, only need to adjust the parameters, control data and other details before use can be easily produced. Usually there are 1-2 technicians to monitor the operation of the equipment, which does not require a lot of labor and saves a lot of labor costs.

2. The potato starch machine has large processing capacity: high production efficiency and high output

Establish a starch factory for large-scale processing, and the daily output of starch can reach 50-100 tons. Only a complete set of fully automatic starch equipment can achieve such a large output. The automatic potato starch machine has a large throughput, which can handle hundreds of tons of fresh potatoes per day.

3. The potato starch machine has a short processing cycle: low energy and water consumption, and low production costs

The crushing section of the fully automatic starch equipment adopts sorting crushing, repeated extrusion-filtering-elutriation, and multi-level crushing technology. Compared with traditional crushing, energy consumption is reduced by more than 30%. Goodway's curved mesh extrusion type potato powder making machine integrates smashing and filtering to reduce energy loss in the conveying process and naturally reduces energy consumption. The use of countercurrent water circulation saves 40% of water. At the same time, the use of squeeze filtration + pressureless infiltration can further reduce energy consumption and water volume, effectively reducing production costs.

4.  Potato starch production process adopts closed production, with good sanitary conditions and high quality

A qualified and standardized production workshop needs to strictly abide by the standards of food safety production. It is no longer an open-air starch processing technology, and all adopt continuous mechanical equipment assembly line processing. The layout of the workshop is neat and clean. In the production process of modern potato starch machine equipment, the fine craftsmanship produces fine and white starch with good quality. The whole machine is made of stainless steel, and most of the work sections are fully enclosed machine processing, which effectively isolates most of the external environmental pollution sources and ensures the purity of starch.

5. The potato starch machine is easy to install and easy to maintain

Different equipment can be added, removed and replaced freely according to the change of processing materials, which is convenient for disassembly and assembly and more convenient for maintenance.

A complete set of fully automatic starch processing equipment is more suitable for large and medium-sized starch processing enterprises with large-scale processing, high output and certain processing strength. The advantages of automated starch equipment are not only reflected in processing performance. In the actual daily processing, the equipment runs smoothly, the production workshop saves a lot of labor, high-quality and efficient completion of starch processing tasks, and long-term stable supply of high-quality starch that the market needs.

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